Monday, February 2, 2009

Tip O' the Week

I should really re-name this "Tip O' The Every Once in Awhile". I do try to come up with handy little tips to help make life with D easier, but let's face it, I'm still a relative newbie at this. It would be like a 5-month old baby giving tips on how to walk; or something like that. I really suck at analogies.

Anyway, here's something that has made my life a lot easier. Labels. Lots of 'em. Everywhere, and everything. I think I even saw the dog sporting one the other day. Okay, not really. But anything that is food, and that Elise eats, has a label on it.

For example... I make her pasta ahead of time, when I am less busy. I make about a serving at a time (as per the package), which for her equals about 4 servings. So on the container I store it in, I write the following on a small, white, sticky label:

*What it is
*Date it was made
*How much a serving size weighs
*How many carbs are in said serving size

This makes preparing her meals very quick and easy. I don't have to try and remember how many carbs are in that pasta, or how much I should give her. I also put labels on the box of crackers, (1 saltine = 2g of carbs), cereal (50 cheerios = 5g if carbs), and pretty much anything else she eats. I do this because the serving size on the box is not necessarily what she'll eat. Her portion sizes are much, much smaller. This way I don't have to calculate everything over and over.

In time, it becomes second nature, and you'll just remember that 16 Goldfish Crackers have about 5g of carbs. But until you do, labels make life a lot easier.

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