Tuesday, November 27, 2018

If you give a diabetic some cinnamon

If you give a diabetic some cinnamon,

Chances are, she'll want some toast to put it on.

And you will have to check her blood sugar and bolus her for it.

Eating the toast will make her thirsty, so she will ask for some okra-infused water.

When she realizes how disgusting that is, she will ask you for some avocado to clean her palate.

All that eating will have given her lots of energy, so she will go for a long run.

During her run, she will realize the she is right by a natural food store, so she will go inside and look around.  While she is there, she will fill her cart with all sorts of superfoods.

First she will get some smoothie mix with spirulina.

And then some hot peppers.

Finally, she will grab all the veggies she can find so she can juice them.

When she gets home, she'll decide to relax with some essential oils.

While relaxing, she realizes that she doesn't feel well, so she will check her blood sugar.

When the meter shows 241, she will then give herself a bolus of insulin to bring the high blood sugar down.

Because chances are, if you give a diabetic cinnamon, okra, avocado,  raw vegetable juice, hot peppers, spirulina, and essential oils... 

She will still have type 1 diabetes.

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