Monday, September 12, 2022

A Thing to Remember

Almost a decade and a half ago, I wondered what life was going to be like for my little 12 month old type 1. Now 14 years later, I have an idea.  

It's a little bit different.

Sometimes a lot harder.

It can be extra.

But it seems there is not one thing this girl can't do. I don't post here anymore. I don't social media. But this. This I want to remember.

This summer she tried out for her high school hockey team. As a goalie. Never mind that she had only been playing the position for a few months. Or that she had never really had any formal training, save for a few lessons by a guy that works at our rink. Or that she was the only girl. Or that type 1 can make playing hockey (and especially goalie) tricky at best.

She made the team, and this weekend, had her first start. And her first shutout. And her mom almost had her first heart attack.

I love this video.  You can see all the tension leave her body at the final buzzer. Her teammates (most of whom have no idea she even has diabetes), skate up to congratulate her. You can't see her face, but she is beaming.

It's memories like this that make the different, the harder, and the extra that much easier.