Thursday, January 9, 2014

Breaking the (sleep) Cycle

It's no secret that parents of CWD don't sleep well.  At least compared to the average parent.  But at least there are some nights where we can get a few hours.

Not around here.  Not lately.

Besides D, we have a child who suffers from night terrors.

And another who is teething, sick and miserable.

Which means no sleep for Mom and Dad.

Because every night, it's at least one child that needs our attention.

Sometimes two.

Or all three.

And sometimes, it's all at the same time.

Which leaves little to no time for shut-eye.

So if you see me, and I look like shit.  And I have no idea who you are, where I am, or why I'm wearing my bra OUTSIDE of  my shirt, just cut me a little slack please?

I haven't slept in awhile.


  1. Despite these horrible circumstances you always seems to make me leave with a smile on my face! Hoping for some sleep for you all soon for you all need it. xoxo

  2. that sounds horrible, does. I never imagined I'd dream so much about sleeping through the night as I do now. sometimes I worry that I will say the things I want to say to those without kiddos with d when they complain about being tired just because being so constantly tired sometimes effects my verbal filter. Yup, it does.
    Ok, on that note I should attempt to go back to bed! Have a lovely Friday :) Maybe a nap somewhere in there?!

  3. More than once I have gone to the washroom at work mid morning and while looking in the mirror, notice my shirt is inside out.... And no one tells you.


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