Monday, December 29, 2014

One flu over the cuckcoo's nest

Since December 17th, our household has been a hotbed of germs.  Mostly of the flu-like nature.  I am currently writing this post while recovering from my own battle.  It has left me light-headed and quite stupid, so please forgive anything written that makes no sense.

I wanted to chronicle my family's battle with the flu so that I can look back and see who sick and what was effective as far as treatment.  Plus I'm a little bored and have seen all the Love It or List It episodes that are on today.

Received flu shot back in October.  Was first one sick.  First trip to doctor showed negative for flu or strep. Extremely high BGs continued as well as fever, so I took her to urgent care.  Flu and strep re-test also negative.  Amazingly awesome doc who has experience with T1 decides to do a urine test. Positive for bacteria. Dx is UTI. As of today, still no flu.

Second one to fall.  No flu vaccine. Started getting sick on/around Dec. 21. Extreme flu-like symptoms, but no doctor visit.  Is still not feeling well as of today.

Received flu vaccine about two weeks ago.  Fever started Christmas Eve. Very cranky with a fever coming and going. Went to doc 3 days after fever started. Flu test negative. Has his moments of feeling well, but still not terrific.

Thought I had escaped the madness, but on Saturday started feeling like I had been run over.  It got to the point where I could barely move because I was shaking so bad and everything hurt.  Managed to get myself to an urgent care where I met quite possibly the world's creepiest doc. Positive for the flu type A.  Put on Tamiflu. Two days later not feeling super terrific, but at least I'm no longer convinced that I'm dying. Never got the vaccine.

Our last man standing.  At least he was until yesterday.  Now he has fever and chills.  When he has Tylenol he goes back to his rather adorable self, but once it wears off... watch out! Received the flu mist in October.

So what does all this anecdotal evidence tell me?

  • Receiving vaccine well before flu season is best
  • Shot seems to trump mist, but...
  • ... the mist seems to lessen the symptoms
  • Getting yourself some Tamiflu (as long as you're in the proper time frame) will lessen the duration and possible severity
  • Doing nothing=being sick longer
 So there you have it, my very unscientific study on our family's battle with the flu. Hope you were able to avoid it (the flu, not my post) and stay well.


  1. Ay yi yi. I hope you're back to feeling fine soon.

    My Science: We all had the flu shot. Joe felt sick as soon as we got home from vacation. Tested negative for flu. Two days later feels better. Suddenly today WHOOMP I felt like I was shutting down. Headache. Tired. No fever yet. Am convinced have flu. Refuse to accept this fate.



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