Monday, May 4, 2015

Sports and why #wearenotwaiting

You can't see it, but Elise is in that picture above, playing soccer.  Actually, she's in goal.  She did pretty well and caused this former goal keeper a bit of stress during the game.  But not because of diabetes.

I haven't blogged about it, but we have been Nightscouting for close to a year.  I am so amazed to look back over the almost 7 years (did I just type 7 years???) since  Elise was diagnosed and see how far technology has come.  Just 3 years ago a BG meter that would transmit her numbers to a website was revolutionary for us!

Everything IS awesome... thanks Nightscout!

When Elise plays soccer, her rig (the Nightscout setup) is in her soccer bag across the field from me.  And I hold onto the extra dex.  Between the two devices, she almost never goes out of range.  Soccer on this day was at 9:00 am.  I figured we didn't have to worry about lows because it was right after breakfast, but when she topped out at 180 before the game, I was a bit worried.

Maybe it was the adrenaline from playing a new position.  Or maybe it was because she was only running for half the game, but periodic glances at my wrist showed me she was steady at 150 through most of the game.

Elise is now getting to the age where most parents just drop their kids off at practice and then take off. This obviously doesn't work for us.  I actually enjoy watching her as she practices... it brings back happy memories from my childhood. But on the day the picture above was taken, it was about 38 degrees out (4 degrees Celsius).  And I was recovering from the flu.  In short, I felt like death, but thanks to Nightscout, I was able to monitor Elise from the warmth of my car.

A new one for us this winter was hockey.  My kids had been bugging me to try hockey, which makes my Canadian heart sing, but is not something you just sign up for... It's quite an investment and you need to make sure they'll like it.  The spawn-of-the-devil local pro team offers a free 4-week hockey camp, so I signed my two older ones up.  Believe me... my Canuck loving heart was conflicted and seeing her wear that logo on her chest makes me want to puke a little.

Hockey was a beating BG wise, partly because it was right after her soccer games, but at the end of the 4 weeks, I think I had it figured out pretty well. 

One thing I'm excited about is letting her have a little more freedom at Friends For Life.  See this back pack?

Besides having a super cute donut pattern, is the perfect size to house her rig.  She will be able to do a little more of her own thing this year.  Plus when we're in our sessions, we can monitor her while she's in her class (not that we ever worry at FFL... that's why we love it!)

I am so indebted to the people of Nightscout for all the work they have done on this project.  I could give you more examples of how it has changed our lives, but this post is long enough.  If you're curious and want to know more, check out the CGM in the Cloud FB page here.

Thankful that #wearenotwaiting.


  1. I really enjoy "watching" Elise grow up.

  2. This was so great to read, Joanne! Thank you!


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