Monday, September 28, 2015

Tap Tap... is this blog still on?


I'm still here. Well, sort of. 

Somebody really needs to build an app so my post ideas will go directly from my brain to the blog.  Scratch that... I might start to sound as crazy as I actually am.

Every year, the end of August and beginning on September around here cause me to temporarily lose my mind.  Mostly because, in the span of two weeks, we experience the following:

  • Setting up our 504 plan
  • Meet the Teacher
  • Home visits from the boys' teachers
  • Back-to-school for Elise
  • My birthday
  • Elise's birthday
  • Elise's diaversary
  • Mattias's birthday
  • A birthday party for Elise and Mattias
  • Back-to-school for the boys.
This year we added selling a house, our wonderful dog Seven passing away, and the death of a fellow D-mom.

I had more cake and did more crying during those two weeks than I care to admit.

I have lots to share... even if you're not particularly interested. But not right now.  

Right now I think now it's time for some cuteness, however random it may be:
Birthday pinata
Cheering on our team
Fun at the park while trying not to melt in the heat
She's 8!  How did that happen???
I love to snuggle this guy... even when it's 105 degrees out
These 3... they exude awesomeness 


  1. Exhausted me just reading it. I'm sorry about your dog.

  2. Love the pictures! ((Hugs)) I hope October gives you better days.


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