Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Take back my blog Tuesday

I turn my back for a few minutes and my blog gets hijacked?  What a sweet post from my husband.  And if anyone else wants to say nice things about me, you can have my password too.

Well, now it's my turn.

I am a lucky girl when it comes to sharing this burden.  Far too many times I hear stories from wives about how they can't even go out for a fun night with their friends because their husbands haven't even tried to learn the basics of caring for their child with T1.  Or if they do get to leave, they end up being on the phone with said husband the entire time.

I'm not trying to throw the guys under the bus, but the majority of diabetes care usually falls to the wife.  In our case, it makes sense, because I stay at home. But however the duties are divvied up, each spouse should be capable of handling all things diabetes.

Fred does pretty much all the night checks.  My problem is if I get up, it takes me a good hour to fall back to sleep.  Sometimes longer.  So way back in the beginning, Fred told me he would take care of all the nocturnal stuff.

Best of all, I can go out and not even worry.  Can I just say how wonderful that is? Because I handle all the ordering of supplies, paying of bills, endo appointments, and changing of pump settings (along with dealing with whatever diabetes throws at me during the day), there are some days I feel like all I do is diabetes.  And my brain starts to hurt.

I need breaks (not just from diabetes, but from being a mom too) so I can maintain my sanity.  I am able to go play soccer,  take in a movie, have dinner with friends, go shopping. or even a weekend away, and I know Fred is on top of things.

So thank you Fred, for the kind words and for being a great Papa.  I couldn't do this without you.


  1. You made me laugh and cry all in one post ... what's up with that?!?

    Thanks for the kind words!

  2. I am 100% with you Joanne! My man can do it all so I can work, rest, breathe... Diabetes is a team sport


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