Monday, September 24, 2018

Goin' low

In the 10 (TEN!) years E has had type 1, we have gone through many, many different treatments for lows; bananas, smarties, skittles, starburst, glucose tabs, fruit gummies and hi chews.  A lot of times, we change it up because she gets tired of always using the same old thing.

For me, the struggle is finding something that's not filled with food dye, is portable, and is not terrible for her.  One day, as I was making my weekly Costco run, I saw this cool little product upon their shelf.  
*Not actual Costco size

When I picked it up the bag, I saw each packet had 8g of carbs... the perfect amount for E when she has a low.  I had bought their honey before, so I knew she liked it.

A few months ago, I emailed Nature Nate's about not being able to find the packets in Costco anymore.  They were quick to respond, and just a few weeks ago, offered me the opportunity to become an ambassador... woo hoo!

So, now I'm sharing my love for this product with you.  Even though I can't find the small packets in Costco anymore (they do still sell the giant 40 oz. bottle), they are available at my local grocery store (or on Amazon).

Why do I love these for lows?  

1. They bring her up QUICK!

2. They're the perfect size... they fit in my purse, her diabetes bag, and anywhere I need to keep a stash of sugar.

3. Perfect for overnight lows, I just rip off the top and squeeze it into her mouth. I haven't made a mess yet!  And I just need to say that the fact that our T1 kiddos can eat in their sleep, never fails to amaze me.

4. Healthier than most low treatments.  No food dye, honey is natural, as well as yummy!

5. My girl loves it!

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If you want to learn more about Nature Nate's and their story, go here

***Although Nature Nate's provided me with some sweet, sweet honey, all views and opinions are mine. The funny thing is, I had a blog post in my draft folder written awhile ago about using honey for lows!


  1. I've been anxious to try honey but was warned against it in case my T1D can't swallow due to the low. I'm guessing this hasn't been a problem for you guys, so I'm going to give it a try!

  2. Hi Joanne! Wow, 8 carbs? Glad you found that for your little one. I usually use just an apple! (roughly 15carbs and suits perfect my needs, very healthful too). I agree with you that the size of snacks (and packing) is a very important aspect of it. I will try to find these honey packets, 2 of them will make it for me too!


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