Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things diabetes has taught me this month: November edition

-We really, really, REALLY need to get it out there about the difference between the two types. The ignorance is laughable, really. When I called my mail order pharmacy company to find out what my out-of-pocket cost would be on the new strips we were going to have to use with the pod, the guy asked me, "how many times a day do you test your daughter... one? Two? Keep in mind, he knew she was 4 and on insulin. ARRRGHHHH! I actually laughed at loud at him and said, "I wish!"

-Pumping is awful. Not wait, it's awesome! No, it sucks. No, I love it! I'm starting to feel like I have a split personality.

-Pumping DOES make holidays like Thanksgiving easier, though.

-I thought I had gotten past letting Elise's numbers affect my mood, but they still do. I guess I had forgotten because we hadn't seen such ugly numbers in a long time.

-Seeing anything on Elise's meter start with a 5, followed by two numbers makes me want to hit something.

-People are STILL trying to order the World Diabetes Day shirts I designed two years ago. I get emails from people enquiring about them and one guy even sent me a payment through paypal (which I returned, of course!). All this interest has me thinking of getting my act in gear and whipping up a batch for next year. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, here are some pictures from WDD 2009.

Sooooo, perhaps we'll have to do this again for World Diabetes Day 2012! I'm going to try and plan to NOT do something chaotic (like start pumping or have a baby), so I'll have time to organize this if anyone is interested.


  1. Very cute shirts. I barely knew what diabetes was when you made those. How much changes in a couple of years....

  2. I as well didnt know much about diabetes.. My sons one year D day is on Sunday feels like yesterday. The shirts are awesome im so in on some shirts next year :)

  3. I'd love to get some of those shirts so if you decide to please keep us posted :)

  4. You are freaking me out about the pump!! We should be getting our Omnipod delivered in the next two weeks! Of course Ava (10) couldn't be more excited and I'm dreading learning something new. Her numbers have been so good lately with MDI. 500's. Ugh. Twice a day pod changes. Ugh. Checking all night. Ugh. My cutie not getting 5-7 injections a day - priceless.

    I hope things level out for you guys soon. Wish us luck!

  5. So good to visit over here Jo!!! I miss you. Sounds like quite an adventure...pumping. Thinking of you and love you. xo

  6. YES please bring them back!! I want one!!

  7. I'd order four of those cute shirts for sure :)


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