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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just a little update and some more pregnancy news

Thanks to everyone for the comments and emails on our announcement video.  I have to give credit where credit is due... it was all Fred; the concept, getting the voice-over talent (yup, he's a real VO guy from Hollywood.  What can I say?  Fred knows people), and the production.  My contribution was actually being pregnant, and bitching about how I couldn't tell the difference between the latest version and the version he just showed me 5 minutes ago.

The man has a bit of a perfectionist streak.

And for those of you who want to know how we answered Elise's question, I have a pamphlet if you're looking for answers... I kid!  I kid!  I threw it over to Fred who told her that it's very complicated.  For the record, I already explained it to her a number of times when I was pregnant with Mattias.

As of tomorrow, I'll be 12 weeks, which blows my mind because it feels like I've been pregnant  I think it's mostly because this pregnancy has been fraught with complications; thyroid issues, non-stop bleeding since the day I found out and my latest bit of news.

It turns out the bleeding has been caused by  polyp.  The polyp is quite big and originates in my cervix.  When it was discovered, it caused quite a stir (apparently it was quite weird looking and they couldn't even figure out what it was at first).  Can I tell you there is nothing quite so awesome as having your legs up in stirrups, while numerous medcical types peer with furrowed brows at your lady bits?  One offered to take a picture with her camera phone so she could SHOW IT TO ME. 

I shit you not.

Anyway, it has my OB and the perinatologist she consulted worried enough that they want to remove it in the next couple of weeks.  Ummmm... yikes. 

So on July 6th, at 7:00 am, I will be in an OR having the polyp removed.  At first it wasn't the surgery that had me freaking out, it was who would look after the kids/take me to the hospital?  We looked at flying in my Mom, but flights are outrageous right now.  The only option was to have Fred stay home and I take a cab to the hospital.  I won't lie... the prospect made me cry a little.

Thankfully, a sweet friend stepped up and offered.  She rocks.  Seriously, she has to get me to the hospital for 5:30 am.  And drive a post-surgerical me back home.  Have I mentioned that I do NOT do well with anesthesia?  If I ever have to move a dead body, this is the lady who will have my back.

So now you know what has been keeping me so busy and quiet lately.  Incubating a human is every bit as tiring as I remember it.  And barf-inducing. 

And then there are these two.  Who are so ridiculously cute, it's just as barf-inducing as being pregnant.


  1. Wow, what a cute little baby Mathias is growing out of! So good thing there's another! Congrats.

  2. She Did not offer to take a picture??!!??. You didn't take her up on it did you??? We will be thinking about you guys... Let us know how the procedure goes.

  3. Those two cuties make it all worth it! Know that you are being thought of and a prayer will be said for a safe and successful surgery. xoxo

  4. Hilarious that one of them offered to take a picture!!! I can't even imagine!

    Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that the procedure will go well and that the recovery will, too.

    It's great to have 'hide the body' friends!! :)

  5. oh my crazy camera phone lady....LOL. I will be thinking of you and hope all goes well. That is freakin awesome that you have a friend like it!

  6. oh and p.s. I meant to say....any cravings for Canadian candy, say the word my friend! :o)

  7. omg.. I can't get enough of your writing. You rock!

  8. Just caught up with your news - many congratulations to you all!

  9. Let me just say Wow. You are quite the busy D-mama. I hope the surgery goes smoothly and hopefully camera lady is not around! Good Luck with everything! =)

  10. come on, you know a photo of that polyp would be awesome to put in the baby book!


  11. yeah! yippee! Fun, fun, FUN! i missed the original announcement while on vacation...but I am so happy for you guys. Not so thrilled about the surgery, but I am sure it will be easy peasy and things will be fine from here on out :) Take care and again CONGRATS!!!

  12. Congrats. Looks like your baby has grown into a little boy and it will be nice for you to have another baby... love that age! Hope morning sickness does not last long, that they remove the polyp (sans picture). And that you recover quickly. This new babe will be just as cute as your other two kiddos.

  13. Congrats! I am soooooo behind on my blog reading and posting, it's embarrassing!!!! I'm so thrilled for all of you, wonderful news. Keeping you in my prayers for the surgery, my friend.

  14. I am so happy for you. I just read the news and now I need to go looking for the Vblog!! Really though I will keep you in my prayers. I am excited for you to be done with the surgery so you can relax and try to enjoy the next few months!!

  15. Aw, they're getting so big! I need a new laptop so I can get back to commenting more often and can keep up with things better! Congrats on the new baby and we'll be praying for a good outcome for the surgery!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Yay!!!!! I hope you have a smooth and healthy several months to come!! Thinking of you & the procedure. Sending all my love to you and yours!!

    p.s. That video was AMAZING!!!!

  17. What wonderful news! I guess white water rafting will have to wait a bit longer. So worth it!

    Good luck on the surgery. I'm sure all will be well and at least you'll stop bleeding. Let's face it - half the fun of being preg is not having periods.

  18. Looks like your baby has grown into a little boy and it will be nice for you to have another baby... love that age! Generic Cialis


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