Thursday, October 4, 2012

Things I learned from diabetes this month... September edition

-Elise needs a +50% temp basal running when we are at amusement/water parks.  My little girl is somewhat of a dare devil and all the adrenaline from those thrill rides causes her BG to skyrocket.  Never mind all the running around she's doing, it does nothing to combat the highs.  I had been scared to run a temp basal in these situations, because I was positive she would crash.  But the last two times she's been at an amusement park, I went for it and it worked like a charm!  This is not meant to be medical advice, just something I've observed in MY child.  As Bennet's blog says, your diabetes may vary!

-When two of your prescriptions look very similar, don't make the mistake of putting them near each other.  Especially when one of them knocks you out.  I accidentally took a Phenergan instead of my Synthroid the other day, and didn't realize it until an hour later when I started to feel woozy.  I know I didn't go to sleep, but I have no memory of what I DID do that morning, because somehow, Elise ended up at 32 by lunchtime.  She usually needs a small, partially covered snack in the morning, and I don't know if I just forgot to feed her, or if I bolused her AND forgot to feed her.  In any event, I felt pretty crappy about it.  Sleepy, but crappy.

-Costco cake is of the devil when it comes to Elise's BG.  Usually she can eat cake with little to no problem.  Except for Costco cake.  I don't know what they put in it, but it causes her to go high about three hours after eating, AND to stay there, despite any rage-bolusing I do.We've had several examples in the last month since both kids had Costco cakes for their birthday, we just went to a party where they served it, and they also had it at out Neighbourhood Night Out party this week.  This last time I tried an extended bolus (30/70 over 3 hours), and it was pretty successful, but I think I need to extend it even longer. 

Evil, evil Costco cakes.  Yes, each of my kids got a birthday cake.  Their birthdays are only 3 days apart, so we have a combined party.  Somehow we ended up with 70 people RSVP-ing yes.  It was crazy, yo. 


  1. Those evil Costco cakes look pretty yummy! Love that you combine their sweet! xoxo

  2. I have always wanted to try a Costco cake but I think I will continue to avoid it if it makes Elise's BG skyrocket. We have enough issues with other things!

    P.S. Cute picture!

  3. Costco cakes are SOOO good! Especially with strawberry filling! Yum!


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