Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Superheros for a cure

This summer, a family friend and amazing photographer Tressa Thomas asked if we were interested in Elise taking part in a photo shoot for her Love Capture Give project; which brings awareness to charities through her beautiful photos. 

She had partnered with Superkids Capes, which donated the capes and accessories, to give the photo shoot a superhero theme... which is only too fitting for our type 1 kiddos.

Elise had a great time, and I love the way the pictures came out.  Here are a few of my favourites:

Please make sure you check out the Love Capture Give blog for the entire post which was beautifully written by Tressa.

And if you're a facebook peep, go to her page and like her while you're there.  You can also check out her website if you're in need of a photographer... working with her was awesome, and you can see just how talented she is by the pictures above.

Thanks Tressa for capturing our little hero exactly how she is... beautiful and amazing!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE to see the piggy tails with the cape of courage!!!

  2. Very cute - love the capes and the cutie pies! One odd question...I saw in the pics on Tressa's blog, Elise checking her BG with a OneTouch meter opposed to the PDM. My son (almost 5) just started the Omnipod a few weeks ago and we were previously using OneTouch on MDI. I was apprehensive of switching to FreeStyle, but didn't really want to carry two meters around, so made the switch for now. Do you normally still just use your OneTouch? I've heard from many people that FreeStyle are always way off and kids A1C's have actually drastically changed (and not in a good way) by just switching the meters alone. I was wondering if you didn't mind sharing why (assuming you do) stuck with OneTouch opposed to Freestyle and if you did do FS at the beginning of the pod, why did you switch back to OT (again, assuming you did)?! You can email me if that's easier lisaalexander8302atyahoodotcom
    Thank you!!

  3. I am a total stranger, but I have fallen in love with the joy in her face (not to mention the cape, super-hero belt, and pig tails!).

    I'm enjoying reading. I'm learning a lot.


  4. Everything about this is so precious!

    Naturally I adore the pic with just you and Elise. You have a beautiful family.

  5. so fabulous! what a great project and amazing pictures!!

  6. Super Cute photos of a super cute superhero! xoxo

  7. what a super cute super sassy hero :) Love the pics for sure!

  8. beeeeeeeyouteeful!!!


    so glad she snapped one of the whole family too! <3

  9. what a wonderful idea! BEAUTIFUL pictures!!

  10. Wow - those are gorgeous pictures. What an awesome project!

  11. Beautiful! Those pictures are amazing!


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