Sunday, December 2, 2012

We have a winner!

Sorry I'm a day late... I've been a bit busy feeling sorry for myself.  You see, I'm 35 weeks pregnant, uncomfortable, AND it's been 80 degrees here the last few days.  It's December for the love of all that's holy.  DECEMBER!  Today our church had live Christmas music after service, as well as tables laid out with cookies and hot chocolate to enjoy while listening to said music. 

Did I mention that it's 80 freaking degrees?  This is not natural.  And to all those reading this who live in colder climates and are saying to themselves, "what an ungrateful cow!  I would give anything for some nice, warm weather in December!"  Let me assure you... no, you wouldn't.  It would be okay for about 30 seconds, and then the tiny life you are incubating inside you would make you feel as if you are going to burst into flames at any moment. 

Now that 've had my hormonal rage for today, onto happier things!  Like drawing the winner of the WDD Hope sign...

Mixing up the numbers... we're a high tech household.
She took her job as number picker very seriously...

And the winner is.... comment #4!  Sarah from the Ethan & Issac Show!

Congrats Sarah, just email me your address by clicking the "contact me" link, and we'll get the sign sent out to you.  Or maybe I'll just come up there and hand deliver it.  I could use some rain right about now.


  1. too bad I wasn't the's a balmy 6 BELOW at the moment and there's no way you could burst into flames! :)

  2. yeah! I love winning! Now to find the perfect spot...isn't it just one of the best feelings to get something great! YIPPEE! Alright, I'll send you my address...but that is in hopes that someday you'll come visit, too :)

  3. Come see me, it is a non-combustible -42 right now. That is 42 BELOW ZERO. Sigh. It always looks greener on the other side, right? 5 more weeks...I hope it goes fast, truly.

  4. Congratulation and Greeting from Indonesia :-)


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