Friday, November 30, 2012

Just call me MacGyver

That, my friends, is a lot of tape.  It worked though... this pod made it the full three days. 

And don't forget to leave a comment on my
Special Sib of a D-Kid post if you want to win this.  Adorable boy giving the stink-eye NOT included...


  1. But how did it feel when it was time to really come off...HA! That Mattias is growing up so fast..little stink-eye cutie!

  2. That picture takes me back to when Emerson first started wearing the pod....we went through a lot of tape. Luckily, we rarely use it now!

  3. Wow! That IS a whole lot of tape.

  4. Oh wow...that IS alotta tape! Hey guess what? Im making the change to Omnipod too cuz Im so tired of this damn pump in my pocket!! Do you have trouble with the Pods often? Id love it if you shoot me an email of your tips and tricks for the pods! Im nervous cuz Ive had MM for 5 years!!

  5. Dang! Impressive load of tape you got there!!

    Bean's pods usually hang on pretty well, though there are ones that seem to just want to let go for no good reason.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA - The arm bands from bands4life save my bacon with the omnipod. Now I only have to do 1 big strip of tape across it and then we slip the arm or leg band on. But on the off-chance we have to do a bootie site, by day 2 mine usually look this as well. Thank goodness for goo-gone or de-solv it. Takes it all off painlessly (and without removing my nail polish)!!

  7. Send a copy of this pix to Omni and maybe they will get the message. stronger adhesive! I thought the smaller Omni Pod was approved and due to be released? Too big a wad for such a small girl.


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