Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Special Sib of a D-Kid day - two years later

Two years ago, I wrote this about Mattias on the Special Sib of a D-kid.  He was only two months old at the time.

And now, at the age of two, some of those things are beginning to dawn on him.

He loves her.

He hurts with her.

He's there when she needs him.

The rest will come later.  For now he'll continue to do his thing.

Hugging her when she cries.

Watching her be brave during pod/dex changes.

Learning to check his own BG so "he can be wike Eweese".

And occasionally stealing Smarties (that we use for lows) from her diabetes bag.

He's Mattias... that's how he rolls.

And on this special day, Mattias would like to let you know that we're doing a giveaway here on Death of a Pancreas.  My talented friend Marla made this in honour of World Diabetes Day (yes, I know... I'm so very late posting this) for me to give to one lucky reader. 

Marla takes pieces of old wood and re-purposes it into art.  You can check her out
here.  It doesn't come with any hardware to hang it, but you could certainly add it yourself, or just prop it on a mantle.

To win, all you have to do it leave a comment.  I will draw and announce the winner on Dec.1st.

Good luck and Happy Special Sib of a D-Kid Day to all the amazing siblings out there!


  1. What cuties! Love the artwork too!

  2. Love the artwork, and Mattias and Elyse are so very lucky to have each other :)

  3. Mattias you are one amazing sibling! xoxo

  4. your son is super cute, and it is interesting to see the sibling relationship in response to diabetes care. Ethan is very caring, except when it comes to doling out candy...sometimes he definitely benefits from lows!

  5. Elyse you are a very lucky girl to have such a caring little brother! Joanne, you have 2 very special kids!!

  6. Love the photo of the kids on your stairs. Adorable. Livie steals Ella's low busters, too. She starts with telling me she feels "SO LOW". Yeah, right kid.

  7. Very cool art! My 7-year-old with type 1 was diagnosed 11 months ago...and her middle name is Elyse:) She has 2 "sib of a D-kid" sisters. Just finding your I have a lot of catching up on previous posts to do!

  8. That art work is so cool! And your kiddos are adorable :)

  9. How in the world did I miss this post?!?!

    So glad you mentioned it with your mess-o-tape! :)

    Bug is getting things more, too. Just this afternoon she came upstairs to tell me that Bean was at 46 and that she had already given her a juice box (and that it was the last on in the open pack, by the way!) Gotta love those sibs!!!


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