Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Dex-ing we will go!

I never thought I would utter (or type, as it were) these words again, but we are about to be Dex-ing once again!

It all started when I was reading about the release of the brand-spankin' new Dexcom G4.  Elise happened to be looking over my shoulder and asked what I was looking at.  When I told her it was a brand new Dexcom, her eyes got very wide and she exclaimed,

"You mean it's PINK now???"

Oh you devious little marketing rascals of Dexcom... Let me just interject that you missed the boat by not offering one in camouflage.  You missed that oh-so-important demographic of boys, ages 2 - whenever-camo-stops-being-cool.

Anyway, when I confirmed that, yes Elise... there IS a pink Dexcom, she decided she wanted to wear a CGM again because, "sometimes it helps to know where my blood sugars are going!"

After chatting with our insurance and our supply company, we found out that it would be covered at 100%.  What-the-what???  Free Dex?  Giddyup!

Or course, what this really means is we've just already paid an obscene amount out-of-pocket for all the other medical stuff, but I'm going to pretend I don't know that.  FREE DEX!

So we're about to fire that baby up.  Today will be a pod change/sensor insertion day.  Awesome.

At least SHE'S happy about it... for now.


  1. AWESOME!! I hope she continues to love the "PINK" Dex and I hope in the future they make the damn thing an ipod too or something! That MIGHT work for my Maddi!

  2. Wow, free, but yep, get that you maxed out like crazy on out of pocket already!! Pink camo would be cool too! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  3. She is soooo cute with your pink dex! Hoping for a smooth transition back. xoxo

  4. No kidding on the camo. At 11... It's still cool.
    Glad she's happy about wearing it now :)

  5. Awesome. We just ordered a pink Dex a fe days ago! It will be Emerson's first Dex so I'm so excited. I can't wait to show her the picture of Elise and her Dex!

  6. We're loving our Pink Dex over here :)

  7. Pink... pink... pink...

    I want purple :(

    (it is awesome we have options now though)

  8. That's a beauty, a nice hot pink. It will be nice to have someone document how accurate the new Dex is. We just put in for the new Dex 4, but how to get her to agree to wear it is the question. Somehow, I don't think the pink will do it. Elise is so wise "sometimes it's nice to know where my blood sugars are going." Maybe if we can eliminate a lot of the fingersticks (though she hardly blinks at those, however many). I hope Elise loves her Dex and with such low error rates, I think many figersticks can be eliminated. Might turn out to be a good tradeoff.

  9. Love the new look of the Dex! So stinky that my insurance just paid for a new (old version) one a few months ago. Boo! Congrats on your new one! :)


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