Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The very best sensor that ever there was

You lasted two and a half times longer than what they say you should.

Your accuracy was impeccable... maybe off by about 30 once or twice.  Mostly within 10 and often bang on, much to my child's delight. "Same same!"

The adhesive that surrounded you lacked your tenacity, so we just kept adding layer after layer of tape, hoping that you would give out before we ran out of tape.  No one likes to lose a perfectly good sensor to an adhesive malfunction.

No hourglasses or ??? until your final two days.  Even then, you kept gasping back to life.  And always on target.  Every time I would think you were done, you would surprise me.  

Yesterday, I let you retire with full honours.  Or maybe I just threw you in the garbage, I can't quite remember.  I'm hoping your replacement is going to be just like you.

Goodbye old friend. You really were the very best sensor that ever there was.


  1. HA! We had one last 23 days...it was AMAZING! Sadly after several days in the pool it just couldn't hang on longer! Love those perfect little sensors, here's hoping the next one is even better!

  2. I said this exact thing about the one I took off G before she went to D camp. Damn near cried when I took it off, as it served us well. Maybe we should have the best ones bronzed, just like baby shoes...

  3. lol... our adhesive never lasts. I think Justin has some kind of natural adhesive repellent on his skin.

  4. LOL! RIP good sensor. ;) Glad to know we're not the only ones who stretch the lifespan on those good sensors. Our problem is with the adhesive-- Rosie has bad reactions to most kinds of medical tape, so we cut up IV3000 patches. It doesn't look pretty, but it works!


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