Monday, August 19, 2013

When dining out is dangerous

Okay, maybe not dangerous. But it was really, really... not good.

It happened recently at Romano's Macaroni Grill, Elise's favourite place to eat. Right after we sat down, I checked her BG.  It was 107 and holding steady on the dex. We ordered and as soon as the bread came, I bolused her for about half of what I thought she was going to eat. She always gets the same thing, but since it was pasta, I usually hold off and bolus her a bit later, sometimes extending it.

We ate some bread, and we waited.  Then we waited some more. We finished the bread and waited. I watched as the dex kept showing a steady arrow, but each update was lower than the last. We asked about our food.  And asked again. And waited. We played the "D" card. Nothing was done.

At one point, Fred went up front to talk to the manager. He received nothing but "I'm sorry" from the manager. Unfortunately there are zero carbs in apologies.

So far Elise had eaten less than half of the carbs I had bolused her for. And was showing 72 on the dex. I was about to break out the smarties when our food finally arrived... A full 50 minutes after we had ordered it.

Normally we love eating there, but I was appalled not only by how long it took to get our food, but also the total disregard when we explained WHY it was so important that we get our food ASAP.

They were not busy.  Our order was not difficult.  And we had actually asked that the kids' food come out with our appetizer (it came out about 35 minutes after we received the appetizer).  Maybe I shouldn't have bolused her ahead of time, but I am a huge believer in the pre-bolus and we did have some bread.

The final kick in the teeth came when we got the bill and went to leave.  Would you believe we received NO discount on the bill, and no manager came to apologize to us?  

Will this change how we bolus Elise at restaurants?  Probably not... this is how we've always done it and never had a problem before.  But I'm guessing I should have thrown down the "D" card a lot earlier and been more vocal when we didn't get a response.

Just another thing to think about when dining out with "D".


  1. We have stopped going to the Macaroni Grill & AppleBee's here in Las Vegas for that exact reason. They take a long time even if the restaurant isn't busy. I'm always afraid someone will spit in my food if I complain so we just leave and cancel our order. Unfortunately if the manager didn't care that they were taking too long and wasn't very apologetic I don't think they'd care about the "D" card either. :(

    1. We just got a call from the GM of Macaroni Grill who didn't seem to care either. Looks like we won't be eating dinner at Elise's favourite restaurant anymore...

  2. We had this happen at Applebees once - it was horrible. They gave us a free dessert for him (oh, that's what we needed, ugh)!

  3. I have gotten burned by a lot of restaurants before, which is why I do not bolus until the food is in front of me. Sorry they were not more understanding :(

  4. We don't go to Macaroni Grill anymore either... they are so slow here too. I understand my food wont be here in 5 min, but 50 is kind of crazy.

    I usually wait a bit to bolus Justin in most restaurants... I will usually bolus for the bread, appetizers and a nice correction to get him going, and then I bolus for the food when the server stops by and says "your food should be right out". It works for us.

  5. We haven't been to Macaroni Grill since our little guy was born but we certainly won't be going there now that this has happened to you guys! CRAZY! We have been fortunate so far to have been at very understanding restaurants and they have always brought out food asap for him when needed. xoxo

  6. That's just sad. I can see a on-the-floor, in-the-moment manager acting apathetic. Maybe he'd heard that 3 times already that day and he hated his job anyway. That could happen. But for the GM to call and not even say that they would attempt to correct the problem is just crazy. And sad.

  7. That is the worst. I am so sorry. Once it happened to us at Applebee's here in PA. I ran to the bar area and asked for a regular soda. I told the bartender - you can put it on the manager's tab cause our food isn't here and it's an emergency. I have to say, manager came and gave us half off our meal later on, but it was scary. Sorry you had to go through it. Thank goodness for Dex though.

  8. Happened to me at Applebee's. The waitress told me I could go to the bar and get an orange juice. I can't imagine dealing with it in a little kid!

  9. I have had this happen so many times at so many restaurants that I just wait until my food is in front of me to bolus. I hate it but I rather be high than have that panicked low feeling. I usually just bolus a little more. It sucks. Sorry you had this happen!


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