Friday, September 6, 2013

Growing up too fast

It all started just after Lucas was born.  I was upstairs, nursing.  All my post-baby-being-born help had left and I was trying to figure out how I was going to get my two other kids dressed and ready to be out the door in the 20 minutes that were left before pre-school started for the day.

From my rocking chair upstairs I could hear their sweet voices as they chatted over breakfast.  Then, Elise's voice floated upwards, "okay Mattias... put your dishes in the sink.  I'm going to change your diaper and get you ready to go to school."

She then proceeded  to change said diaper, get him dressed, put his shoes and socks on, and help him brush his teeth; all while getting herself ready too.  

She was 5 years and 4 months old.

For the next 4 months, she would help me get Mattias ready, doing all of the aforementioned things, as well as getting their bags into the van and strapping Mattias into his car seat.

Since then, when Fred is out of town, Elise has taken charge of the bedtime routine (during which I am also usually nursing).  She runs Mattias's bath, washes his hair, gets him into his diaper and pyjamas, helps him brush his teeth, and reads him a story.  She did this all on her own, telling me, "don't worry Mom... I've got this."  I never once asked for her help.

All this before her 6th birthday.  

And almost 5 years into her diabetes journey.

Two days ago, Elise turned 6.  Today her diabetes turns 5.  

Sometimes I wonder if that short 12 months between birth and diagnosis ever existed at all. 

She is growing up at lightning speed before my eyes.  Too fast.  Part of me blames diabetes for her uber-maturity-on-steroids.  Don't get me wrong, I love that she helps.  That she wants to help.  And does it with joy and good cheer. But I also want her to be a kid, and enjoy her care-free(ish) life while it lasts.  

I want her to just be a kid.

Happy D-day, Elise... you are simply amazing.

just before dx


  1. Wow that is amazing! What a beautiful little (big) girl she is!

  2. This post brought tears. Happy Birthday Elise! You share a birthday with my youngest son. He's 26 today and yes, the years go by too quickly.

  3. She just keeps getting more and more adorable and amazing! Happy D Day Elise. xoxo

  4. Happy D Day!
    I fall apart every year on Isaac's anniversary day, I know it should be filled with joy over life, but those exact emotions are still raw on that day. I hope your day celebrating your daughter growing so beautifully and healthy since that day has been incredible. I hope you were able to relax in the moments and count the blessings. Your daughter is incredible, she knows how to help and do it with tenderness - she has obviously had a wonderful teacher and mother. ((HUGS)) on this day.

  5. Whaaaaattttttt? SHE is amazing! I'm speechless really.....AMAZING for that age, what a super special girl.

    They really do grow up too fast, especially when D is involved :( I hope you all have a special D day today!

  6. Amazing is totally an understatement!

    Love you, sweet girl! <3

  7. I'm having trouble picturing it! Elise isn't that much taller than Mattias - he must be a very patient diaper-receiver.

    Happy birthday and diaversary to an amazing little girl!

  8. How mature she is for her age! What a wonderful mother she will make some day. She is one in a million, truly. You are so blessed to have her.

  9. It's because she's awesome and she's a GIRL! Girls can sense others' needs and have empathy. You could be lucky but you shouldn't expect the same from a boy. My daughter was my savior when I was on bedrest with my twins. She took over Mommy duty for her 1-yr-old brother.

  10. that is truly amazing! what a kind and helpful girl! it's not growing up too fast, it's growing into her role as a big sister, just the next step! (said the only child with the only child). anyway, i think it's beautiful!


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