Sunday, September 8, 2013

Things diabetes has taught me this month... August edition

September is here, let the real new year begin.  Okay, so this post is a bit late... but when your hear of what our family has been up to, you'll understand why.  But that's another post for another day. Onto the learning!

-Writing out a 504 can be daunting, but in the end it all turned out great.  We have a wonderful nurse, and a team that is willing to work with us.  The head health person for the district (can't remember her official title, and I'm too lazy to find it) was in our meeting and she had extensive experience with type 1.  She knew exactly what we were talking about, and had our backs when the 504 administrator said they couldn't make a certain accommodations.  When we protested that that the school HAD to do certain things, she piped up very quickly that we were right.

-I loved watching my husband get tough when they tried to say no.  One of the issues was that the school wouldn't provide an UDCA (unlicensed diabetes care assistant) for extra curricular activities. Fred very quickly interrupted with, "well, you HAVE to, that's the law).  He did it in a very pleasant, but very firm manner.  It was awesome.

-As much as letting Elise go was gut-wrenching, I have never seen a child who was made for school.  She loves it.  And it makes me happy to see her so excited.  Already we've had two glowing reports from her teacher on how kind, helpful and bright Elise is.  Okay, I'll stop being so braggy now.  But Elsie going to kindergarten has taught be the huge importance of letting go.  Even when it kills me inside.

-As great as our school has been, I know others out there are not so lucky.  A good friend of mine just moved to another state and is having to fight the school for things that ARE THE LAW.  It makes me so mad that I want to fly out there and help her kick some ass. But how terrible is it to be in such conflict with the people you are trusting to keep your child safe?

-Did you know that some insurance companies will cover extra supplies so you can keep a stash at school?  We had our doctor write a prescription for "school supplies", and received a months supply (at our normal co-pay).  If you need extras for school, call your insurance company to find out if they do this too!


  1. So glad to hear that things at school are going so great for all of you! I love that Elise loves school! Keep on bragging to hear about your babies and how they are growing and learning! xoxo

  2. not bragging...just sharing.
    What a lovely report for August, so glad you guys have such an awesome team there to make school safe for Elise.
    We have had our share of drama before school has even started, but it's been more about celiac disease rather than about diabetes. So...tomorrow is the big day, let's hope it goes as smoothly as Elise's start to kinder has :)

  3. "...the huge importance of letting go. Even when it kills me inside." Oh, yes. I am there. I'm the mom who withdrew her 1st grader at diagnosis. And homeschooled the rest of that year (whole second semester) and all of 2nd grade. She returned to public school for 3rd grade this year and is doing great. Challenge? Absolutely! Have had days when the nurse calls me 5 times. But some days I hear nothing. And I'm dying to know how she is and what's her "number" and I just have to believe that she's OK. (we started school Aug 7th, so we have a month under our belt). Have had no issues with school. So far.

  4. Thanks so much for the tip about insurance possibly covering extra supplies for school -- going to check on that right away! Our little T1 is loving Kindergarten too and I'm bragging all over the place :)

  5. Woot Woot. So glad to hear E is off to a fabulous start. Never would have doubted it with you and Fred on the job. (Not that some folks who are having difficulties are not as fabulous - sometimes schools just don't play nice and some states are better prepared than others as well)
    I hope her enthusiasm and success continue throughout her school years.
    Might have to check in regarding the extra set of supplies. Good to know. Hope our insurance company plays nicely. I normally need to give the schools are new glucagon and keep the nearly expired ones at home.

  6. Great to know about insurance covering extra supplies! And I LOVE haring good school stories! Ours has been far less than idea (also going into kindergarten), but the law hasn't been broken - yet. Luke loves kindergarten, though, which makes it all worth it.


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