Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Diabetic Dabs Winners!

Okay... I know I said I'd announce the winners Monday.  Or maybe I said I'd do the drawing on Monday.  Either way, I didn't.  But I did the drawing yesterday and I'm posting the winners today, so... sorta win?

At least it's this week.

Here's my lovely assistant, Vanna... Er, Elise helping with the drawing.  She donated her hat (notice that it matches her outfit... she wanted me to point that out) to the cause.

Winner #1... Lulu's Mom!

And winner #2... Colleen!

 Congrats you two, you are now the proud owners of a box of Diabetic Dabs (adorable girl not included)!

Please email me your address (joanne at death of a pancreas dot com), and I will send them right out to you!


  1. So excited to be a winner!! Elise is adorable. Does she know blue is the color for autism awareness day. (Which is today)


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