Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Things Diabetes taught me this month... March edition

-There is some sort of weird vortex at the soccer field Elise practices at.  How else can you explain 2 (maybe 3... I've lost track), pod failures there? They just start emitting the screech of death for some reason.  Strange stuff.

-Fred and I suck at remembering to bring insulin with us.  You know, the stuff Elise needs to keep her alive?  We're never usually more than about 10-15 minutes from home, so I just don't think about it.  I think it's because Texas is so hot for most of the year, I don't want the insulin to spoil.  And I HATE lugging around a cooler or anything more than I have to (a diabetes bag, diaper bag and sack full of snacks for two growing and ALWAYS hungry boys is enough, thankyouverymuch). If we're going to be far away or gone for a longer period of time, of course I remember.  I just need to work on those short trips.  Because that is always when we have an issue (see paragraph above).

-As a D-parent, sleep is coveted, but most nights elusive.  I discovered that even my kids can tell when I'm able to get enough... One day I commented to Fred that I actually got a decent night's sleep the night before, and Elise, overhearing this said, "I can tell... you're not as cranky this morning."  Gee... thanks.

-Everybody has a story, and they are all important... even if you don't think so.  I speak at a newly diagnosed class at our Children's Hospital on behalf of our support group every month.  Last month a couple came up and thanked me over and over for telling my story.  Their child had just been diagnosed at a very young age and they were so scared of all the things they wouldn't be able to do; school, travel, sports, etc.  They told me that just hearing about all the things we've done with Elise helped them to see that their baby will be okay too.


  1. And at least one older just dx'd d-person also benefited because you took the time to blog about it.

  2. we went to a soccer tourney last weekend, 2 hours away from home, AND WE LEFT THE LANTUS AT HOME ACCIDENTALLY AHAHAHHA. luckily there was a 24 hour walgreens nearby but SHEESH.

    also, i love that you work with newly dx fams, it must be so meaningful for you and them. <3

  3. I am bad about bringing insulin on short trips too...only on long trips...thankful that we have never been in a situation where we really needed it! You continue to help so many of us who will forever be grateful for your healing words. xoxo

  4. On item 1: I vote vortex, or polyester. Do they still make soccer outfits out of that stuff? Or is she otherwise creating a lot of static between the pod and her clothing while she practices? I know other people have complained about static related failures.

    And that last item? That is everything! That is every reason I do anything I do related to diabetes.

  5. First, HI!! I read a blog post!! Hooray!!

    Second, amen on the leaving insulin at home. It is PLAGUING me lately!

    Love you!


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