Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pardon the interuption

I wrote most of my posts last week with the exception of the Thursday post.  I thought I'd get to it at some point before it needed to be posted.

I didn't.

Instead I got bronchitis.  And then the medicine made me sick.  Last month, I broke my ribs playing soccer, and all this coughing and barfing has kinda sucked.

So, instead of a wildcard, I'm playing the sympathy card. I'm hoping at some later point I'll finish up my post.

And thank you for all the comments.  I'm sorry I've sucked at reading and commenting in return.


  1. Well darn. I hate you are sick, and that the broken ribs are making it worse than it already is. Rest, heal, be kind to yourself!

  2. Oh no! Feel husband has bronchitis this week and is miserable, hopefully get back better quickly!


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