Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The final lancet

"It's blue.  A darkish blue.  And it sort of looks like a pen.  Except thicker.  And there isn't a point on one end.  Just a flat surface with a hole.  It should have some white writing on it... I think.  Or maybe not.  It could have worn off by now."

I felt the words tumble out of my mouth, painting a very inadequate picture of what I was describing.

Then I lamely added, "It's what people with diabetes use to check their blood sugar."  Knowing full well that probably no help at all.

"Well Miss Joanne, if we find your item, I will be sure to give you a call straight away." Her sweet, southern drawl did nothing to make me feel better.

You see, as you probably know by now, I was describing a lancet.  And not just any lancet, a multiclix lancet, one of just a few left in our dwindling supply.

Elise has only ever used the multiclix.  When she was a tiny 12 month old, that was what we used to pierce her little fingers to draw blood.  It has been the one constant through our diabetes journey. And now we are down to one.

Others have been lost.  Some broken.  All of them irreplaceable because there are no more multiclix being made to replace it with.  And I know the fastclix, the younger sibling to the multiclix is just as good, but that does nothing to get rid of all the drums I have sitting in the diabetes cupboard.

That, and I don't do change well.

So for now, I might have to chain that last remaining multiclix to Elise's diabetes bag. Just like a bank with their pens.

Would that make me weird?


  1. Shoot!!! I was hopeful I might have one, but I dug through my old d-supplies and I don't. :( Two old Soft-Clix but no Multi-Clix. Must have broken before I changed to Fast-clix. Sorry.

  2. awwwww, Karen... That was very sweet of you to look. One day I will embrace the fastclix, I just have about one million multclix drums to go through first!

  3. Ha! We're hanging on to our Multiclix, too. Our babes must have been dx around the same time. When I got word they were fazing them out I ordered at least 10 online and they are slowly breaking or being misplaced. If I find any extras I'll send 'em your way! :)


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