Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A few small steps

I'm sure that people who read this blog must think I'm a tad overly dramatic. But, oh-my-gosh, I am sooooo proud of Fred and I for making it to KC and home again with no major hiccups except for a few low blood sugars. And a closed exit ramp to the airport along with a forgotten scale that had to be driven 40 minutes to the airport by the amazing Cindy. Add those two things to the world's slowest security guy and that equals Joanne getting onto the plane about 5 minutes before take-off.

Despite the crazy grand finale to our trip, I did not have a brain aneurysm. I actually found myself quite confident that we could handle anything that happened!

The trip itself was great. We stayed with some friends who had 5 year old twins (boy/girl) that absolutely loved Elise. She basked in all the attention, and I have seriously never heard her giggle so much. I swear if I could give birth to a five year old, I would.

Our friends were so understanding about our schedule, and how things needed to be just so. I don't think I've ever felt so welcome in another person's home.

Also wonderful was the KC Irish Fest. I had a comment posted from the director of the festival on an earlier blog entry saying if I needed anything, to just let him know. I had read on their website that no outside food was allowed into the festival, so I emailed him. I was nervous that we would receive a hassle from event volunteers that were manning the gates, and no clue about diabetes.

His response was so quick and he assured me that we were fine to bring in a cooler with whatever we needed for Elise. He also gave me his cell number in case I ran into a problem. I then received an email from the person who was in charge of the gates who gave me his cell number. Amazing! We never had a problem and enjoyed our time at the festival.

But the best thing of all about the trip is it gave us (especially me), the confidence that we can leave our comfort zone and still be okay. Elise isn't going to break, and it will probably be a lot harder than staying home, but it sure is a lot more fun too.

I hope to post some pics of the trip soon. And if you could pray for us this weekend? We're having Elise's birthday party and so far 60 people have RSVP'd yes. Luckily it's at a nearby park and not my house, but we never expected so many people to say yes. But we're so excited that all these people want to come and celebrate Elise's life with us. Our little girl is loved.

I just need to remember to BREATHE!

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  1. Yes my dear breathing is very important and yes you can leave your comfort zone without major problems sometimes I feel like I cant leave home w/o a suitcase and I will pray for you this wknd that all goes well . great blog and have a great day .


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