Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tummy hurts

I'm not sure if this is a toddler thing, a diabetes thing, or a just plain Elise thing, but Elise has been telling me lately that her tummy hurts. It started out of the blue, and it isn't something we've said to her before, so I don't know where she picked it up.

What makes me wonder if it's manipulation is that she usually says it when she doesn't want to be doing something. Like if she's eating dinner and wants to get down, or when she's in her car seat. She starts to cry and says, "owie, tummy hurts, tummy hurts!" It doesn't last for long (maybe 5 minutes) and she stops when she gets what she wants.

But she does sound very convincing when she says it, so I don't want to write it off as nothing. Is this something any of your kids do (or did when they were younger)? I just don't know what to think of it.


  1. I'm probably not the best resource for a question like this...

    Addy had tummy aches all of her little life. She had tummy aches before she was dx with diabetes at the age of 24 months!

    She was dx with celiac after 4 negative celiac screenings...

  2. I mean her screening was positive after 4 negative screenings.

    3.5 years after her diabetes dx.

  3. If you feel like reading some fairly difficult technical articles, you might check out these search results in medical journals for the terms "diabetes children abdominal symptoms"

    Celiac is certainly one of several possibilities that you may want to discuss with a doctor. Best wishes.

  4. Sorry, that link may not work because it's too long. You might try inserting those search terms (or other symptoms) into the search interface at

    If that's still too long, just try it at the Highwire home page at

  5. Joanne maybe you should have it checked out just for your peace of mind and could be a toddler trick too . But I would have it checked out and even with one test it says no and elise keeps going on about it have it checked again .oh well hugs to you hunny bunny cause kids can drive you nuts sometimes .

  6. Cara complains that her tummy hurts when she is low. However I have had many time with the other kids complaining about a tummy ache at dinner when they just don't want to eat and they want to go play. You just never know and with our little special T1 kids, you are always thinking that something is going on. You could write down each time that she complains about a tummy ache and she if there is a pattern?


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