Friday, February 12, 2010

Calling all D-Moms!

I have a new friend in the blogging world that I want to introduce you to... Her name is Jessica and her 3 year old son Liam was diagnosed with D in September. She just started a blog, so I think we need to head over and show her some D-Mom love!

Even better? She lives in the Dallas area!

Click here to get to her blog

P.S. (shameless plug alert) I have more cute snow pictures up on my other blog.


  1. Why can't you meet someone that lives in OHIO?!?
    Just kidding - looking forward to "meeting" her!

  2. Thank you so much Joanne. On monday I was thrilled that I had met one family with a diabetic child. I never dreamed I'd connect with so many more moms just a few days later after trying for months to find other families.

    And the pictures? Adorable. That is one cute little girl. :)

  3. So nice of you! I've been slowly making my way into the online D Mom community. I know what it takes. I'll definitely visit Jessica's blog and say hello. :)


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