Friday, February 19, 2010


Since Elise was dx so young, she never got in the habit of drinking juice, something I am sort of very grateful for. We don't really even treat lows with juice (I do keep it in my diaper bag in case of an emergency and we have used it in times when her BG was dangerously low).

But we were at a pancake dinner at a friend's house on Tuesday, and Elise noticed everybody else drinking OJ, and asked for some. We were actually having a hard time getting enough carbs for her usual 40g (I brought a special low carb, high protein pancake recipe for Elise from home - yes, control freak much?), so I decided, why not?

I figured out the carb factor, and was surprised that it was a lot lower than I expected... only about .11. Since she has never had OJ in her life, I decided to dilute it. A lot. I think it ended up being 1 part OJ to 4 parts water. And she loooooooooved it.

So my question is this... do you include juice as a regular (by regular, I mean maybe once a day) part of your kid's diet? I'm not big on sugar-free, so I mean the real stuff. I just feel bad that all Elise ever drinks is water or milk. And I didn't really notice it spike her sugar up or anything.

What is your two cents on juice?


  1. We don't do juice much...Addy prefers it for lows...maybe 1-2 times a week for everyday life?

    I don't have anything against juice...just that my babes nursed for a long time and they never wanted anything else!

    If given a choice, they like milk :)

  2. I've always been a tough on juice. Liam gets it now for lows, but before he was diagnosed it was once a day at most, and I was watering it down every chance I got.
    There are some juice boxes (bags? Like a Capri Sun) called Honest Kids that have no HFCS and no artificial dyes, and they are pretty watered down to taste. We've done those for convenience, or else watered down 100% juice out of a jug.
    He gets much more juice than I'd like due to lows- but every once in awhile I let him have some with a meal.

  3. ya the only time we do juice is for lows...not all the time but I'm not opposed to them. We use the Apple & Eve brand. Each juicebox is pre measured to about 13 carbs.

    Before Dx we didn't drink much juice either. So, that's our call on juice. I don't have a problem with it, this is just whats easiest for us.

  4. My kids love juice and would drink it all the time if I let them, but I don't. We use it for lows. However, I do buy the Honest Kids juices, which are really more like juice-flavored water, and Minute Maid Fruit Falls, which unfortunately have artificial sweeteners. I use them to bring with us when we're going somewhere I know juice will be served (birthday parties, Cub Scout meetings, school parties, etc.).

  5. We used to have oj for breakfast sometimes, but after a few diagnosis, we just got out of the habit. Now, we don't have juice very often. Very rarely...and mostly for lows.
    But is totally ok for Elise to have juice. Especially if you dilute it some. If you give it to her with a fat, like an egg, or some cheese, it shouldn't spike her sugars. Give it a shot!

  6. We too use juice mostly for a low but sometimes when Cara does not want to eat a lot of lunch or if she want's eggs I will giver her some juice with her meals.

    My other kids love juice and we always water it down.

  7. I only do juice for lows and even when the boys were living at home and Jack had a low he would grab the juice . Never drank it just to be drinking it .

  8. Justin has V8 SPLASH for breakfast on some mornings when I need extra carbs. FOR HIM I don't find the spike/crash that I get from juicy juice and others.

    V8 Splash has 17 to 18 carbs per 8oz. depending on the flavor.

    We don't keep OJ around anymore because it has so many carbs. But if you can water it down it may not be so bad.

    Everyone else seems to be on a no juice diet... is there something wrong with me???

  9. We don't do juice at our house except for lows. We never did juice just to drink before Addison was diagnosed as he was so young. I have to say, he isn't really into it either! He never asks for it or asks for more after we give him some for a low. That said, I think that you should do what works for Elise! If she likes it and you find you can give her small amounts that don't make her bg go crazy I say go for it! We don't do artificial sweeteners at our house either and I really think giving her watered down juice is so much better than an artificially sweetened low carb drink.

  10. We don't have juice around here much. It brings up the BG a little too fast for Zane. It is more of a treat, or what we use for lows.

  11. We go back and forth, but if I do buy juice for the girls it's the Honest Tea juice (found in packets like a Capri Sun) - it's organic and 10g per packet. It's not overly sweet, but when they see everyone else with a Capri Sun it can make a big difference. I've also used the little 4oz. Juicy Juice boxes and they range from 13-17g per box...I save these for lows and usually have about 4 of them in the fridge.

  12. For Jada, juice is used for lows, especially those 2 am lows because it's so easy. She is really a water girl (for which I am THANKFUL....she does have a weakness for chocolate milk (Nestle has a sugar free mix) which we use when we can't get her to eat anything else.

    I do keep OJ (Jada won't touch it)in the fridge but my kids are only allowed a SMALL cup of it in the mornings. Other than that, we are a water and milk family. :)

  13. Hi there - my T1 daughter Grace, who is 7 now, gets juice on Sundays, when we cook a big breakfast - eggs, bacon, etc. That's the only time she really gets juice. I don't buy it for my other kiddos so she just isn't used to it.

    We do have it to treat lows.

  14. We use juice for lows. I also use orange and lemon juice with the zest in baking.
    Before dx, we did not do a lot of juice. If ever it was diluted....

    We use our goat milk for smoothies, ice cream etc. We do add fruit to those.... and they are yummy.

  15. We use juice for lows. However, if Tristan wants a juice we don't have a problem with that. But I wouldn't say that it's daily. We do make sure that it's real fruit juice. Right now he's really into milk and water and that's also fine with us :)

    Oh and I was born in LaSalle. Moved to the South Shore when I was 2. I lived in Chateauguay growing up. I loved it, it's a great town.

  16. We do juice for night time lows when it's easier for to drink without waking up. Or if she's scary low. We use the lite apple juice box that is 14g.

    Avery has OJ at breakfast a few days a week. She usually drinks about 2 ounces. I don't see It do anything to her bg.

    Other than that- it's milk or water. And most of the time she picks water.

    D didn't really have anything to do with it. That's the way it was before so there was reason to change it!


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