Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Hungy!

Translation: "FEED ME NOW!"

This is what Elise has been saying, nay... bellowing at me for the past three weeks or so. I know it's must be partly because she's going through (yet another) growth spurt because friends that haven't seen her for about a week, a relatively short period of time, are commenting how much taller she is than the last time they saw her.

But it could also be because I am a bad Mom. I realized the other day that we really haven't upped her breakfast or lunchtime carb amounts in about a year. And I feel horribly neglectful about it.

Figuring out the insulin to carb ratio for breakfast and dinner is relatively easy. We know pretty much how much a unit of the diluted Humalog will affect her BG. Lunch is a whole 'nutha story. Elise is on NPH (her morning shot is NPH and DH combined), which takes care of her lunch coverage without needing a shot.

Except that it's full strength, and a half unit is a pretty huge jump for her. So for the past few days we've been tinkering and I think we may have figured it out!

3.5 units NPH
12.5 units DH
25g of carbs

25 - 30g of carbs

13 units DH
40g of carbs

We had a few days of really high numbers while we tried to find the right dosage, but I'm happy to say things have been steady for the last three days. Steady as in numbers in the 85 to 190 range... gotta love it!

And best of all... Elise had stopped yelling, "I HUNGY" only 30 minutes after meals!


  1. The more they grow, the more they eat for boys are eating me out of house and home!

    I'm so happy for your victory!! You've been through so many frustrating deserve this win!


  2. kuddos to you yeah you gotta love it .

  3. WOOHOO!!!!

    Congrats :)

    OMGsh...if you figure out how to stop the I HUNGRY after meals forever, please let me know!!!!!

    My kids are like empty tanks - D or not!

  4. Nice! Good job!! With Syd we try to keep her carbs around 30-40 per meal and we find it helps with her sugars. I just don't think kids can process huge amounts of carbs...even with insulin. At least that has been our experience but I also know Syd is pretty volitile with her numbers...her pedi and cde told us that. So this works for us.

    Good job!

  5. It feels oh so good when you figure something out! Great Job :)

    We like Sham keep Cara around 30-45 carbs for meals too. Pasta sometimes puts us over but most of the time it is just perfect.


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