Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hurling the night away

It all started, as good stories do, at 3:00 on a Friday afternoon. The morning was spent running around and playing silly games with her brother. Meals and snacks were consumed without an issue, and numbers were running a tad high, but nothing earth shattering.

But then the clock struck three and it was like a switch had been flipped. I had just finished nursing Mattias, and Elise was sitting at the table eating her goldfish when she started to scream.

And I mean SCREAM. Tears were streaming down her face and I was trying to figure out what had happened. Until I touched her forehead. A quick forehead scan showed a temp of 102.6. Crap-on-a-STICK!

Did I mention that is was 3:00?

On a Friday?

Thankfully, I have THE best pedi in the world, and she agreed to fit us in.

Two hours, a garbage can full of puke and a strep and flu test later; it's confirmed that she has a raging case of strep.


Thank goodness for sugar-free antibiotics, ketone meters, and CGMs. And for my awesome super-quick reflexes that enabled me to catch Elise's puke in my hands, pour it into her garbage, and reposition my hands for the next deluge. I am proud to say that nothing got on her bed, and there was just the tiniest splotch on her pajamas. Boo-to-the-ya!

I think this has been the roughest illness by far for us. Her BGs are yo-yoing all over the place. When she's high, it's like we're injecting her with water. When her BG finally does come down and is on the low side, that's when she starts puking and will not even drink juice. And the advil seems to have no effect on her fever. At least we're keeping the ketones at bay.

And all this comes the day after her endo appointment in which we got an A1C of 6.9.

You take the good, you take the bad...


  1. Joanne, you totally impress me! How in the world did you get yourself to catch puke in your hands???? We just went through the stomach bug and I definitely didn't handle it the way you did. I take the let it land where it's going to and then clean it up approach.LOL

    Please tell Elise I hope she fells better soon!

  2. Isn't it the coolest trick when you can catch puke in your hands? I think that's when I felt like a "real mom" LOL!

    I hope she's better soon...but WOOT on the A1C!!

  3. Hooray for lightning fast reflexes! Strep is my long time nemisis. Put your boots on and give it a swift kick in the bahootie for me, would you? Thinking of you guys, hope your cutie feels better very very soon!

  4. Woah baby! So glad for your reflexes and BOOOO to Strep. I hope she starts to feel better soon Jo.


    Congrats on the 6.9%. An impressive A1C for sure Mama Pancreas!

  5. Strep runs rampant here this time of year too . It seems like the cold weather brings it on . kudos to your pedi and you too . Hope elise feels better soon because strep is no fun and it can lead to so many other illnesses .

  6. It's stories like this that make me never want to have kids!
    kudos to you!! wow. you are a super mom!
    In my experience Advil (ibuprophen) doesn't help with fevers as much as Asprin or Tylenol (acetominophen) I know I'm totally spelling those wrong! happy healing my friend

  7. Knock on my insulin pump, I've only been puking sick once since diagnosis (8 yrs ago).

    It got to the point where my mom and I decided that if threw up one more time that hour I would go to the ER for fluids. Thankfully I made it without an ER trip!

    Tell Elise that the diabetes community is cheering her on!

  8. I definitely live by that approach...take the good, take the bad! Loving the A1C...not loving the strep! Hoping that everyone starts to feel better soon.

  9. Oh, ugh. You rock on the 6.9 and the puke catching! BOO to the strep! Hope Else feels better soon!

  10. WOOT! Holla to the hands!!!! Great catch, Mama!!!!

    Hope this is passing quickly, and everything has calmed down by now!

  11. im sorry to hear elise is sick. hope shes better soon. i just hate what illness does to the predictablity and manageability of BG's. congrats on the a1c.

  12. damn facts of and kiddos. Man Joanne it seems like you guys get hit hard with illnesses, fast and furious. Hopefully this one goes over quickly, then all get to recoup for a looonnnggggg time, right? Take care :)

  13. congrats on that a1c! and for getting 'the facts of life' in my head. and for your puke catching prowess! impressive feats, one and all!

    hope this passes as quickly as it came on. ugh!


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