Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shame on you, Garliq

I've been holding off on writing this post for two reasons; I had to cool off so it wouldn't be so expletive-ridden that it would make Reyna blush, and I kept hoping that the guy this post is about would step up and do the right thing.

He hasn't, and I'm pretty sure I have the self-control to contain myself, so here goes...

You might remember this post. Click over if you want to. If not, here's the Reader's Digest version; we had a fund-raiser at a local restaurant called Garliq. The owner also pledged a good amount of money for Team Elise. He had supported us last year, so there was really no reason to think he would do this to us.

Anyway, the deadline for collecting money was fast approaching, and this guy does a disappearing act on us. Calls go unreturned. Visits to the restaurant are unsuccessful as he is never there. When Fred manages to reach him, the call gets mysteriously "dropped"

So we have yet to see a dime from the "fund-raiser" he held for us, nor any of the money he pledged. And it was a goodly sum, too. Fred and I had to take a hit and pay for part of the shirts out of our own pockets. 120+ shirts do not come cheap.

To top it all off, the restaurant has suddenly closed and we now have no way of tracking this guy down. Supposedly, he's opening up at another location, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Fred and I are so, so ticked (that doesn't even BEGIN to describe it). His restaurant's logo is on the back of our Team Elise shirts, and he did NOTHING to earn that.

Look, I get that the economy is bad. If this was going to be a hardship on him, HE SHOULD HAVE TOLD US. We were in touch with him right up to the day of the fund-raiser, and nothing was said. Instead, he makes promises he can't deliver on, and then hides from us and refuses to the right thing.

You should be ashamed of yourself, Nazir Moosa. This was for CHARITY. You made a PROMISE. It's time to man up, come out of hiding, and deal with this. You owe us (at least) that.

Edited to add: I decided to delete the name-calling from this post. I admit I let my emotions get the better of me, but it's still no reason to resort to childish tactics. It still doesn't change the fact this has made me so unbelievably upset and what this guy has done is wrong. Especially when we had people come eat at his restaurant thinking that part of the proceeds were going to support Team Elise. That is just plain fraud.


  1. We had very empty promises too. We went to a kick off at a bar/restaurant and the manager was so excited about sponsoring our daughter, spent half an hour coming up with ideas, etc. After we left that night he wouldn't return phone calls or emails. So disappointing.

    But nothing like your situation!

    It doesn't help to retrieve the money, but you should report him to your local chamber of commerce and the better business bureau. Did money come in to his restaurant in the name of charity (I.e., did people purchase food at the restaurant thinking that it a portion was going to charity or did they put money in a jar), if so and he kept the money perhaps the police also need to be notified.

    Sorry for these issues. It's sad when someone takes advantage of people with good intentions.

  2. This ticks me off too!! UGGHH the nerve! Now I'm steaming. Can you call your local news channel? Our news has a segment sometimes where people complain about these types of situations and they show up with a camera and things usually get resolved rather quickly after that. Especially when children and a charity are involved.

  3. I think sometimes ppl do this especially managers of restaraunts to make themselves look good in the public eye . Or to get business into the restaraunt and then they belly up so to speak . I think you should write a letter to the editor of your local paper and state exactly what this POS person did and then let the chips fall where they may . Also if need be call the local media in your area and let them run a story on it . You just never know what could happen as a result of this . I know you and Fred are so awesome .

  4. I'm sooooo sorry this is happening to you guys. I agree with the other girls to see if the news could cover it.

    So sad......


  6. I'm having a similarly difficult time getting money promised to Kelsi's Krusaders by the company that printed our shirts. What's even worse is she is local, a d-mom and was even at the walk! It was a small amount but it still pisses me off! Her company is even a D-named business and she promises all walk teams 10% of sales to be donated back to JDRF through the team. She printed on my order but now won't respond to contact. And we did a local restaurant fundraiser and it was like pulling teeth to get that money as well, but we did finally get it!

  7. ugh, this is all so upsetting. i agree with the idea to somehow cover the logo on your shirts, but that seems like a lot of work.

    i hope this doesn't discourage you from your fundraising efforts in the future. i guess it's a testament to all the amazing people you've worked with in the past that this is your first bad experience. sorry. :(

  8. yikes...that stinks, I hope it all works out.

  9. I'm with the others, hope you've published this in the local paper or news channel. People who ate there specifically to benefit Team Elise need to know what happened. I'm like you, I understand that things are bad, but he shouldn't have made a promise and then avoided you rather than explaining what happened or making good on his promise. Argh.

  10. I am so sorry this happened to you. I remember working your fund raiser I was one of the servers that worked there for awhile. This man did wrong not only to you but his employes, guests, and even his family. He is the lowest person I have every known and he needs to be stopped. If I couldn't get in trouble for giving out his personal information I would gladly give it to you. None of this will matter to him he doesn't have a heart if it means giving up ANY kind of money, trust me. Most of my checks bounced and sometimes was even paid under the table. He did this to another family that did a fund raiser like this and he never paid them either. I'm sorry you're having to go through this just know that he will get what he deserves in the end.
    Please if you have question or need to contact me my email is Jane.hutyra@gmail.com

  11. janehutyra,

    If this business owner paid you "under the table", you could report him to the IRS. You probably do not have any way to track it down for proof, but it just might start an IRS investigation that may yield some positive. Sounds like this guy is a crook and needs to go to jail.

  12. A manager at Garliq commented on my post on the Garliq Facebook page asking me to email her ... Just got off the phone with her ... She apologized and told me that I will have the money on Wednesday ... Stand by for news...

  13. BREAKING NEWS: We have the money!!!

  14. DO NOT Take checks from this RAT he bounces left and right.
    He puts his race to shame.


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