Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let's get ready to endo!

The title of this post really works better if you envision that boxing announcer guy calling it out and really dragging you the "endo" part.

If it's not quite clear, today we had our quarterly endo battle... Er, appointment. I should stop here and say, it's not the doc I do battle with during these visits... It's life. Something always seems to go wrong. The doc is great. We love her.

The good:
  • I remembered to print up the pump logs AND bring them. Not like last time. Three months later and I'm still ticked at myself about that!
  • We left the house 10 minutes before the appointment and three minutes later we were in the parking lot (love the satellite office!)
  • I found an iPhone AND a deposit envelope full of cash in the waiting room.
  • A1C was 6.4.
The bad:
  •  I couldn't get the logs to print up properly. The information from today wouldn't download.
  • The moment we walked into that place, Mattias started to scream. And continued to scream anytime someone in scrubs would even look at him. Oy... Someone has issues.
  • I turned in the money and phone (okay, I'm just joking that this belongs under bad. Do you really think I would have kept it?).
  • While in the exam room, Mattias blew out his diaper. Thankfully, I always carry a change of clothes for him. When I sheepishly asked the nurse if she could dispose of it, she came in with a biohazard bag. It was awesome and made me laugh.
  •  Elise's A1C last time was 6.7. The doc and I agreed that the 6.4 was probably due to a few too many lows. The previous visit she was having very few lows, and that drop frustrates me and makes me want to do better.
All in all, not too bad. Except next time, Mr. Biohazard-in-my-pants will be staying home.


  1. I so got the title! Gotta love those blowouts, arriving in 3mintues and kicking some diabetes bootie!xoxo

  2. let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!! can't mistake that!!!

  3. Great title.
    Wish I'd had bio-hazard bags when my kids were that age!
    Yay for you and Elise!

  4. Totally read it in 'his' voice!

    Yeah for all the good and for the bio-hazard bag...that was AWESOME!!

  5. aww well done, so glad the transition to the pump is working out. lol, i have my very own bio-hazard boy at my place. i feel your pain!

  6. Nicely done! Once Matthew's A1C was 6.3 I couldn't be happy because I knew there were too many lows. Such a fine line and yes, it makes me want to do better too.

    : )

  7. You are so funny! I would leave him home next time too after that! :)

    We have had A1c's that are "too low" also...I know how you feel!

  8. The biohazard bag bit almost made me spit my coffee all over the laptop - oh I remember the 'blowout' days!!

  9. makes me want to do that countdown that goes with that song...
    sounds like a great visit, minus the necessity for a biohazard bag :)

  10. Good times. Good times.
    Some day we will look back on all this and laugh.
    Some day.

  11. Haha "Mr.Biohazard in his pants!!"


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