Thursday, July 12, 2012

One day it will be funny, right?

Have you ever had one of those weeks that you know one day you'll look back and laugh, but while you are in it you are afraid to even leave your house out of fear of what might come next? Yeah... it was one of those.

Starting with some jackwagon that hit our car leaving $1200 worth of damage and took off during fireworks on the 4th of July. And the rest of the week was peppered with dog vomit on the carpet, broken vacuums, Fred getting pulled over for speeding (let go with a warning, thank goodness), one of our children peeing on the sofa, surgery times 2, and Fred's Dad having to go to the ER last Friday. Which meant Fred's Mom wasn't able to fly out and help out after I had my surgery. Thankfully, Fred's Dad is okay.

Wait. Did you catch the surgery times 2 part? Yeah, about that...

Last Thursday, Mattias came running into the kitchen at lunchtime with two of those "button" batteries in his mouth. Horrified, I scooped them out, and knowing full well that they usually came in groups of three I asked him if he had eaten one.

To which he replied, "Glungh!" (This means yes in his strange little language he has concocted).

I went into the playroom, hoping to make a liar out of him, when I found the flashlight he had gotten into, removing the batteries that for some reason struck him as something that would make tasty snack. Sure enough, there was enough room for three batteries. I scoured the room and came up empty.

So I packed the kids up and headed to the ER, picking up Fred along the way. One x-ray, three nurses and four doctors later, they discover that he did, indeed eat the battery, and required an endoscopy to remove it ASAP.

I need to interject here that Mattias HATES anything and everything that has to do with anything remotely medical. Seriously, he CRIES when we pull into the parking lot of his doctor. He came with me to an OB appointment and started yelling, "NO! NO! NO!" when the nurse came into the exam room. He hides at the sight of scrubs. He's a little on the dramatic side.

Anyway, anytime someone with a stethoscope would even look at him, he would start to shriek. The worst was holding him down for the IV before they took him off to the OR. As they took him away on the gurney, he turned around and gave me one last pleading look and moaned, "Maaaaaaamaa!"

My heart? Shattered. Little tiny pieces on the floor.

Ninety minutes later he was back in my arms, reeking of vomit (he had thrown up in the OR) and totally agitated from the anesthesia.  I couldn't believe when they handed me the battery and I saw that after only about 3-4 hours inside of Mattias, it had started to corrode.  Scary stuff.

As bad as it was, there are still blessings to be found.  I am very thankful that Mattias had come to me with the batteries still in his mouth.  Otherwise, I never would had known that he had swallowed anything.  It could have been so much worse than what actually happened.  The next day he was back to his normal, crazy self. 

I am also thankful that D decided to behave itself during this crisis, and the days following my surgery.  For once, it flew under the radar and really was a non-issue.

And through it all, Elise was incredible. She helped to comfort Mattias when he was scared and was so great at the hospital that all the staff kept telling us how amazing she is.

Yeah, she is pretty super...

... But I already knew that!

Edited to add: tonight Mattias fell into some bushes and right onto a fire ant hill.  He ended up with over 50 bites all over his body.  Seriously universe... What the frak?


  1. OH MY WORD! I'm SO thankful that everything's okay.

    And I'm praying that life settles down. You all really deserve it. : )

  2. Oh my....Thats enough crazy for quite some time to come! How scary for Mattias and Mom and Dad...Im happy to hear it all turned out in the end, and you were lucky enough to know he ate them! ((HUGS))

  3. OMG! That is completely scary...and yes, you will someday laugh about it, but still...when is the universe going to give you a well-deserved break?

    Hugs, mama!

  4. wow, what a scary moment. Glad he is okay. Here's to a better week...or how about a blissful month, a girl can dream, right?!

  5. oh how SCARY! I am so glad he is ok and big hugs to Elise for being such an incredible big sis :o)

  6. WOW...that is a lot for one Momma to handle in one week! So glad that your little Mattias is back to his crazy self after this scare. xoxo

  7. Holy Cow!! So glad all is well and I know you'll be laughing about it sooner or later...those kinds of things always get a laugh after the fact!
    Kudos to Elise for her continued awesomeness...and super kudos to D for not being an ass during the whole ordeal!

  8. ho. lee. crap. balls.

    wtf universe??

    glad all turned out well with mattias (ant bites notwithstanding) and glad you're healing well also.


  9. Holy Shit! Thank GOD he came to you with the second and third course. I never would have thought flashlight would be so dangerous. We have always let the kids (even when as young as your dear boy) play with flashlights - what is more fun than flashlight tag. The picture of the battery makes my stomach and my heart hurt. So glad you were on supermom duty and followed your "gut" and got him to the ER.
    Sorry about the car damage - some people are just jerks. You deserve a break complete with massage, wine, and pedicure. HUGS

  10. Oh my word. I am so glad that you knew to check for the other battery. Glad it all turned out well (ok, other than the ants) in the end!

  11. So glad everything turned out okay!

    That might be the best superhero picture I have ever seen!

  12. Good God! He ATE a battery! Thank goodness he had the sense to come to you. You will laugh about it some day, I'll bet. But not good timing, overall. I'm glad he's safe and sounds like Elise is going to have to take care of the two of you this week. It sounds like she is a great help to you, young as she is. Hope you have an uneventful rest of the month.

  13. What a time you've been having, omg. I'm sure one day you'll look back and laugh - let's hope anyway :)

    Still hoping to see you in Vancouver for FFL!


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