Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Camp

For us, sending Elise to a summer camp was a very far off dream. I'm not talking about diabetes camp, but your ordinary, run-of-the-mill day camp that a lot of parents send their kids to during the summer; filling their days with art, science, gymnastics, and other fun activities.

At least, parents of kids that DON'T have type 1 diabetes.

Somehow Elise heard of these day camps, and had been bugging me to put her in one. I remember going to them as a kid and loved it. So much so that when I aged out, I became a Leader-in-Training; earning a cool $50 a week at the age of 12.

But I just didn't see how it was possible. Most of these camps featured a snack AND lunch. Plus running around. And 100 degree weather. And people who haven't a clue about diabetes.

So you can see why these camps weren't even a possibility for us. Until Elise's pre-school teacher from last year (who totally rocks BG checks and bolusing) told us that she would be helping out with the summer camp that would be held at the pre-school, and would Elise like to come?

Ummmm, yes please!

Elise completed her first week last week and had an amazing time. She came home every afternoon just bubbling over with excitement. Her favorite thing? Getting to eat lunch there. She has always wanted to stay for "lunch bunch" after her pre-school class, but we never did it... I was just unwilling to let go of that control.

She loved it so much that we signed her up for the second week. The theme of the camp is "Busy Town"... Businesses come in and teach the kids all about what they do. One day last week they had a pizza place come in and teach the kids how to make their own pizza. We rocked the pizza.

This week? A donut store will come in on Wednesday. They get to make donuts and bring them home. We've never done donuts before. You know what? Bring it on... We totally got this.

Summer camp... Yet another step on the journey of letting go.

Elise in her dance recital costume from a few months ago - too cute not to share!


  1. WOW!!! She's growing up so fast!!!

    College is next.

    Hi five, Elise! (And Mama too!)

  2. She's so beautiful! I love the outfit!

    Way to go mom & Elise!

  3. I'm so glad camp was fun! What a great teacher.

  4. Woo to the Hoo!!!
    What a gift that her teacher is helping...amazing opportunity for Elise to experience camp and you to have a bit of a break during the day!
    She is such a beauty!!

  5. I just love, love, love that picture! Sounds like Elise is having the time of her life at Summer Camp! What a wonderful memory for you both. xoxo

  6. That's awesome!!!

    Letting go is do hard but the rewards are endless.

  7. Letting go is a process isn't it? I remember being so proud of myself for these milestones..then I realized we still reach new milestones in letting go each couple years! Yikes! I'm so happy to hear Elise got to go!

  8. Love, love, love everything about this post! Way to go!

  9. I have to tell you I am still so glad that my sister and mom found you almost *gasp* 2 and 1/2 years ago. YOU are one my insperations. I too dread the summer camps.. I actually found my self putting Jackson (6 yrs old) in less because Joshua (now 3,5) wants to know when he can go... THANK YOU for sharing your journey so I can learn too :)

  10. Don't worry, though, Joanne. When Elise is old enough for diabetes camp, it's just like regular camp: crafts, plays, swimming, fishing, archery, rocketry, the whole nine yards.

    Congratulations to Elise for her success, and to you for seizing the opportunity!

  11. Both of you rock!!!

    And what a beautiful picture!!

  12. YEAH! You guys inspire me, I hope to be there some day, right now I fully admit that the issue is me - I am ill prepared to send Isaac off. Glad things are going so well and as a side note doughnuts always seem to be super easy for Isaac, we give a straight up dose and haven't ever had issues. I usually weight it and estimate that it's 50% carbs by weight.
    Hope she has an excellent doughnut day :)

  13. That's awesome! So glad she's enjoying it and you get a tiny break since you know her teacher knows what to do. :)

  14. Yay! How great that is for both of you!!

  15. We got REALLY lucky and found a Karate camp where the owners dad just happens to be T1. The dad is there most days as well. Justin has had a great time with all the trips and daily classes. I dont know if I could have sent him anywhere else without a mild heart attack.

    Glad she is having such a great time.


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