Friday, August 3, 2012

Food Ideas: Frozen blueberries in milk

I'm going to bet that pretty much all of you reading this will not try this "recipe", which is a shame, because if you love blueberries, you are missing out.

I don't know what it is that weirds people out when I tell them about one of my favourite breakfasts to eat in the summertime, but the looks I get when I explain it always make me laugh.  I have been eating this since I was a kid, and I think only one person (hi Liz!) responded enthusiastically to the idea.

Have I intrigued you yet?

The recipe is a simple one.  Two ingredients: frozen blueberries, and milk.  That's it. I think my mom used to sprinkle sugar on hers, but I enjoy the tartness of blueberries, so I leave it as it is.

There are a couple of tips I use:
  1. Use fresh blueberries that you have frozen.  I'm not a big fan of store-bought frozen fruit.
  2. Before you freeze the blueberries, make sure you wash them, let them dry, and then put them in the freezer. 
  3. Before you make this, the blueberries have to be FROZEN solid. Usually overnight will do it.
  4. Let the blueberries sit in the milk for about 3-5 minutes before you start to eat your concoction.
What happens is that the blueberries freeze the milk around them, giving you a fun slushy breakfast that is so refreshing to eat in the hot summer months.  Seriously... this is good.  You need to try it.

I double dog dare you.

The Steps:

Pour frozen blueberries into a bowl

Pour milk over blueberries. Let sit for about 5 minutes

What the frozen blueberries do to the milk


  1. I've been doing similar with blueberries and ricotta for breakfast. Though I was advised: Don't wash before freezing...though maybe that helps with the whole slushy effect.

  2. OH BOY! well I loved your slow cooker steel cut oats so much that this is intriguing. Looks like ICE CREAM! I wonder if it works with Almond milk since I don't drink cows milk. SO gonna try this!

  3. I love any food ideas since my little guy has become so picky and as of late won't even drink milk anymore at his meals...which has made for some really bad lows and one frustrated momma! Maybe this will get him back on board. xoxo

  4. If only I could get my kid to drink/eat milk, ugh! Sounds great though!!

  5. my sister would love it...I'm not such a milk fan, but think i'd be fantastic in coconut milk...hmmm, i'll have to try it :) Have a great weekend

  6. Tried this today, got tons and tons of blueberries from a farm this week and so I will be eating this treat many times the next few months!

    DELICIOUS! Thanks :)

  7. My daddy and I picked blueberries together every summer while I was growing up. We would freeze bunches of them to have for months and months. One of my dad's favorite things was blueberries and milk. Yum yum. I never knew anyone else did this! We would do frozen blueberries (as you described) or sometimes just fresh blueberries if we didn't want to wait for them to freeze. They were especially good if you rinsed them off and put them straight into milk while they were still warm from the sun. May not be everyone's cup of tea, but I remember it being sooo good.

    Side note, I read that if you're eating blueberries for their antioxidant value, you shouldn't eat them with milk products. Not sure of the exact science, but I guess the milk protein interacts with the antioxidants and they don't get absorbed if the two are eaten together. But hey, blueberries and milk are still so good... I'm ok with missing out on a few antioxidants here and there.

    Thanks for sharing! Good to know my dad and I are not alone :)

  8. I got this recipe at a Weight Watcher meeting 30 years ago and loved it enough to keep it. I still make it however I often make it with buttermilk. Either way I usually add 1/4 tsp each of brandy extract (I have to order it) and almond extract. Plus the sweetener of choice - I like NuStevia powder. It tastes like a little tart like a frozen yogurt and not like buttermilk at all (I am not a buttermilk fan.)

    I remember eating blueberries in milk as a child though - we picked wild blueberries on the side of an Alaska mountain and brought the home. I was only 4-5 years old but it's a vivid memory.

  9. I was on another site asking if eating blueberries in my cereal and 2% milk is ok, and the site said that milk cancels out the benefits of blueberries. So what is really the answer?

  10. I was just eating blueberries in a bowl of milk with a small amount of sugar and cinnamon, yumm! My husband got really excited and said that his mom used to give him frozen blueberries and milk. He insisted that you freeze the milk and blueberries together. After reading this and suggesting your method he realized that it was actually what his mom did for him. Blueberries are in the freezer now, can't wait to try it!

  11. I do this with almond milk and I stir it so it looks a bit different but same idea. My friend just showed me how to do this and I can't stop eating it


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