Monday, August 6, 2012

One small step for Mom

You'll never guess where Elise is right now... on her very FIRST playdate, sans Mom.

And I'm not even freaked out!

It all started at Target (as all good stories and blog posts do), when I ran into our neighbour, B. Elise LOVES her 5 year old twin girls, A & G. At some point in the conversation, B asked me if Elise could come over this afternoon to play.

I hesitated, because Mattias usually naps from about 1 - 4:30-ish (I know, how lucky am I?), which means Elise would have to go without me.  B was totally cool with that, and Elise was beside herself with excitement (me too)!

Thankfully, B only lives two doors down, and I feel completely confident that she'd be able to handle anything that happened. 

When I dropped Elise off, I gave B a crash course in bolusing for a snack (which I sent as well), and as I was finishing up, Elise was trying to push me out the door.  I think someone is ready for a little independence.

So here I sit... blogging in glorious silence, while I should be doing something constructive like laundry or mopping. Now that my post is done, I think I'll watch a little olympics instead.

I could really get used to this.


  1. Hope she has a great time and I would opt for watching the olympics over laundry and mopping anyday!xoxo

  2. Woohoo! I hope she has an awesome time!

  3. Nope - no laundry, no chores, just relish the time to yourself.
    Hope she had a great time!

  4. The one time I mustered up enough courage to send her out in search of a neighborhood playdate, nobody was home! But it was so cute sending her off with her "diabetic instruction manual" and bag. I need to try it again. I think neighbors are probably a great first start...then perhaps branch out to 5 minute car ride...perhaps in 10 years I'll feel comfortable sending her across town :)

    Good for you. Hope you enjoyed your alone time.

  5. Massive kudos!!
    I hope your afternoon was totally unproductive & you enjoyed your quiet TV time!

  6. So excited for both of you. What a gift your neighbor gave you.

  7. Congrats! What a milestone. I have a little "instruction sheet" that I used to give to parents when Ava went for a playdate. I also give it to after school activity teachers such as art, dance, soccer, etc. I keep the master on my computer and edit it as the situation changes. I try to have several generic ones printed and ready to grab. I'll email it you.

    Now, I don't use it so much. Like just a minute ago Ava and a pal wanted to walk around the neighborhood. She took meter, snacks, cell phone and they were gone. Oh, the glory of being 11!

  8. Sounds like you've got a great new friend for Elise and for you. This is just what you need. If you play your cards right, you could trade off days a few times a week. You take the kids one day, she the next. You will both have two or three days of downtime. You need it.

  9. Aww :) That's so awesome. Good for you :)

  10. woo hoo! how did it go? I am excited for the day that Isaac wants to be somewhere without me, for a little bit :) It will come, right?!
    And yes, you are amazingly lucky with that long nap time, WOWSA!


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