Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sorta Wordless Wednesday - Even THEY can't agree

Sorta wordless because, really, have I EVER been without words???

Please ignore the fact that the time and date is different on both of these meters, but these two results were obtained seconds apart from THE SAME DROP OF BLOOD.


Please also ignore the craptastic numbers.  This was following a pod change (STILL a struggle), and a dinner of a burger and fries.

Yeah, I get it... 20% margin of error.  Blah, blah, blah.  But wouldn't you expect better from two meters that are the same brand?  Heck, even the same COLOUR?

Wordless Wednesday over.  We now return to your regularly scheduled full-of-words programming.


  1. Oh my goodness...yes, this is SO frustrating! Yeah, it's less than 20%, but the two make a difference in how much insulin to give when dealing with little ones. I have been kind of obsessed lately with comparing bg results between our omnipod and accu check aviva meter. Sometimes the #'s are almost exact and others not exactly. So, it's interesting to see that even with the same meters they differ that much.

    As for post pod change spikes, so far we aren't having that issue??! I do a 65% temp basal for an hour or two. I'm sure now that I've put that in writing we will start having problems with that. Btw, thanks for your comment on my last blog post and advice about podding!

  2. Hate it when the numbers are off like that. Don't really give a crap about the whole 20% thing...I want it to be right!

    We always give an additional unit with the first new pod bolus, and have recently upped it to 1.5u because that's what seems to be working at the moment! I've also found that increasing the basal (we do it by units, so if her rate is 0.40u, I up it to 0.60u) for three hours. Yeah, sometimes she goes a bit low, but I'd rather stop the temp basal early or give her a little boost than deal with new pod highs!!

  3. I hate this too...the not agreeing part! We went through our own experiment with all the different meters reading different numbers and came to the conclusion that One Touch reads higher for us than the Freestyle did. xoxo

  4. Amazing that in this day and age when technology is flying that this still happens. 20% is a huge margin when we are dealing with increments of insulin such as 0.25 of a unit - a big deal for the little people.

  5. I think we have gotten a grip on pod changes. Finally. Here's our latest protocol: 1 full unit from the old pod (unless it has failed in some way which is rare). Slap on new pod and crank a 45%+ temp basal for 5 hours. Last two pod changes have been gorgeous.

  6. i hate that this is happening with the meters. it really shouldn't. and as for the spike after changing elise's pod, i am experiencing that more and more frequently when i change my site. so thanks for the great advice regarding the temp basal increase. i'm going to try that with my next change!

  7. I quit one touch because of this. Have never had this happen with my old school accu check aviva. Totally worth dealing with coded strips. Haven't had a chance to test out the nano but if it is as accurate & consistent as the aviva, it will rock.

  8. Hate that meters are ALLOWED to have the +/- 20% range.


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