Monday, April 1, 2013

Things Diabetes has taught me this month... March edition

-Even though life with D is getting easier now that Elise is older, it still has it's huge pain-in-the-ass moments.  We're having our master bathroom redone, and as you can imagine, it gets very loud at times.  The first day, Lucas was having difficulties falling and staying asleep, and was getting a little frantic because he hadn't slept all morning.  My solution was to put the kids in the car and go for a drive, except that Elise's BG would NOT stay over 90.  She woke up that morning at 101, started showing slightly down on the CGM as soon as she started eating, and had her breakfast "spike" at 85.  I was too afraid to put her in the minivan, where she sits in the "way back".  I mean, really diabetes?  I can't even go for a drive?

-While I love the DOC, nothing is better than hanging with D-peeps in the flesh.  We have a great support group in the area, and while I don't get to go to a lot of events, I always come back feeling "filled up" when I do.  If you live in the DFW area and are not a part of this incredible group of people, send me an email through the "contact me" link on this blog and I can forward you the information.

-Sometimes Elise likes to test my BG when she's feeling a bit bad about diabetes.  It's amazing how a simple finger poke can chase her blues away.  A few days ago, I had been sneaking skittles and starburst from the kids' Easter stash on the sly, when she wanted to check my BG.  The result?  I came in at 119 and she beat me at 117.  The lesson? Don't sneak sugary candy if there's a chance of a surprise BG test.

-I think I have found the hardest restaurant type to bolus for.  Forget pizza.  Forget pasta.  Churrascarias take top billing.  If you are unfamiliar with them, it's a Brazilian restaurant where they come around to your table with all different types of meats of skewers.  You have a card beside your plate that says "Sim" (yes) on one side, and "não" (no) on the other.  As long as it says sim, they keep on bringing you meat.  They also have a salad bar with all sorts of goodies.  We went there for Easter dinner and what makes it difficult is there is no telling on how much your kid will eat and when they will stop.  What I had to do was just start with a small bolus, and then keep bolusing her as she ate more.  I think I bolused her 5 times... thank goodness for pumps!  Plus it's really hard to keep up a conversation AND mentally add up carbs that are unbolsed for.  Needless to say, I was exhausted after that meal; due to a meat coma and math fatigue!


  1. I would definitely be the one getting caught with a surprise BG how you are always taking one for the team! xoxo

  2. churraccarias sounds amazing...when can I join?!
    And we've had those moments where I can't get the kids in the car because Isaac's BG is low and there is nothing more anxiety causing for me than having him strapped behind me with his CGM screaming low...unluckily it seems to happen when we NEED to get somewhere at a specific time of course.
    Have a lovely Spring week :)

  3. I'm so glad that you guys have a good bunch of d-peeps that are local! I'm also lucky in that regard, and it's one of my absolute favorite ways to spend time.

    Hope the forced non-drive-time eases up so you can escape the reconstruction madness!

  4. LOVE Churascarrias! Except, I've never taken my kids. It's a selfish indulgence on our part to send ourselves into a meat coma!
    On that note, when I make wings or my husband makes ribs, we can count on a crappy post-fat HIGH in 4-8 hours.


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