Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why diabetes sucks today... vol. 1

See all those pods? They are all the pods we've gone through since last Wednesday. I took that picture last night, and in that time period, we should have only gone through two pods.


If I can still count correctly, there are eight pods in that picture. We went through four of them in one night.

Two fell off with minimal effort.

One wouldn't fill with insulin.

And one just never worked at all.  Elise's BG went from 245 to 475 during the three hours she wore it, all the while receiving almost an extra unit of insulin AND running an 80% temp basal.

On that night, Elise went through three pod changes and two shots.  In a span of six hours.  She's my rockstar.

(the reason some of the pods are written on is so I can remember what the issue was with that particular pod)

All the pods have been called in.  Omnipod is wonderful to deal with in that respect.

I get it. Products fail, crap happens.

It just makes your head explode when it happens to your child.

And THAT... is why diabetes sucks today.  


  1. I totally hear you. We had such issues with pods sticking to Ella. Looking back, it was like her body was trying to tell me that this product just did not work for her but I refused to listen. And we were dealing with post pod highs ALL THE TIME because we were constantly changing them out.

    I was able to obtain a loaner ping and do a trial run before I made the switch. Not sure if you can find one or perhaps your endo has one, but the ability to try it out laid to rest all my fears about going to a tubed pump.

    I have not once regretted the decision. It has made our lives so much easier and diabetes has been less of an issue since making the switch.

    Sorry you're dealing with this. It can be so damned frustrating!!!

  2. Elise refuses to try a tubed pump. We tried the ping when we started looking into a pump and she hated it. After reading your post, I broached the subject with her and she said no way. She still remembers the insertion almost two years later.

  3. Poor Elise and poor Mommy! I hear Elise on the tubed pump. I still remember the insertion almost 10 years later. Horrible!

  4. Wow, I'm sorry that happened to you! I use the OmniPod and so far I've had to pry them off with products on the third day because they are still stuck on so well. It's bizarre why they don't stick well to some people.

  5. WOW is right...You are both Rock Stars in my book! Hope the old "D" starts to behave himself for you soon. xoxo

  6. Poor girl! I've had a couple pods this week that wouldn't fill too! Maddison is having many MM sites that don't stick...weird! Soooo frustrating, I feel your pain :(

  7. Yuck! I don't understand the problem with the insertion of the Ping infusion set? My daughter has no problem with it...maybe things are better now than they were? She's had her pump for about 9 months. Some sets are worse than others..it seems to be depending on the place we put them? But, it is so much easier than the MDI (and ESPECIALLY the stingy Lantus) that she never complained. I would be BEYOND frustrated at going through that many pods and fighting highs is awful. SO sorry, Sweet Elise:(

  8. We have been having the same luck in the last week or so...wondering if they are shipping out all of the rejects before we all get the new ones :)

  9. Ugh! We've had more alarms and issues in the past month than we've had in a while. Not to that extent, but have had similar in the past...five in three days if I remember correctly!
    Hope things are much better!


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