Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things Diabetes has taught me this month... April edition

-As much as I try to tell myself I don't care, and that it's NOT a reflection of how much work I put into taking care of my daughter, a good A1C for Elise puts a smile on my face.  We just had her endo appointment last Thursday, and when the number popped up on the machine, I stole a glance and the grin automatically floated to my lips.  Winning!

-It also pisses me off to think that it could be better if we didn't have to fight those post-change highs that we get with the pod.  I've tried everything under the sun, and what works one time, won't work the next. I'm curious about when (if) we ever get the new smaller pods, if we'll be dealing with the same post-change highs.

-A good, working phone is a necessity when you have a child with diabetes.  My phone just gave up the ghost.  It was a fine phone; I could use it to call, send a text or two, but that was about it.  Oh yeah, it was also a nifty calculator and alarm clock.  But a few weeks ago it started acting all cray-cray on me.  The clock would suddenly be an hour behind, then it would go back to normal.  And the alarm for the middle-of-the-night check wouldn't go off. So I handed it to Fred and said, "FIX IT!" (but totally in a sweet way).  Instead he came home with an I phone for me.  Can I tell you a secret?  I'm kinda in love with it.

-Going from two to three children has not been without challenges, but it's proving to be a pretty easy transition.  Lucas made a crazy entrance into our world, but has turned out to be a wonderful little guy that has fit perfectly into our family.  I remember being so scared to have another child after Elise was diagnosed, but I am so glad I never let that fear dictate my life.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have this sweet face greeting me every day (and yeah, he's pretty much like this every day).


  1. Oh My Word...Lucas you are the World's Cutest!

  2. So cute!! BTW~ you know they have a Facebook app for iphones. Just saying!

  3. Maybe I should put Lucas' photo on my screen here so he's the first smile I see each morning!
    And yes, we all hope for that great, wonderful A1c.

  4. Oh my goodness....what a sweetie!!! What would we do without these little blessings in our life?! God is so good!

  5. How in the world is Lucas so big/old already?!

    You have the world's cutest kids, but don't tell the other DOC moms that I said that!

  6. love your posts, as always. Hope to see you soon.
    And, I understand - I'm in love with my Iphone too. Fred saved the day again.

  7. oh, he is so adorable!
    I have to admit that your honesty about the trouble with pod changes and having difficulty figuring out a way to fix it has made TJ think a little longer about if he wants to pump with omnipod. You're definitely not the first to point out this issue, I just know that TJ wouldn't be as diligent about figuring out a solution.
    And on the Iphone note, I never thought I'd want one - but lately as my phone has been acting funky I keep checking them out. the new HTC phone is nice, to though....hmmm...
    Hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend ;)


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