Friday, May 10, 2013

Why Diabetes sucks today... vol.2

Technically, yesterday is the day that sucked, but since I didn't stop until I collapsed into my bed at 11:00 pm, this post had to wait.

I could tell the day was going to be full of suckitude from the get-go.  The meat I had planned to use for dinner had spoiled, and leaked "meat juice" all over my fridge.  And as I was getting a bottle prepared so Fred could feed Lucas while I took Elise to the doctor, the entire bag of milk spilled all over the counter.

It was like a knife to the heart, because breast milk is the other liquid gold.  Am I right, nursing mamas?

Anyway, all that had nothing to do with diabetes.  What DID have something to do with diabetes is Elise's appointment  Made because an infection (from a pump site) under her skin on her bottom was just not going away, even after three appointments, three different antibiotics and a myriad of creams.

The decision was made to drain it, but the doc was very hesitant to do it.  In her words, "she's so young and I'm not going to lie, it hurts.  I just don't know if I want to cause her that much pain."

The option of taking her to the children's hospital where a surgeon could do it while she was sedated was offered, but logistically; a nightmare.  So after talking to Elise about it, she decided to be brave and do it right then and there.

What followed can only be described as 10 minutes of pure hell.  There are no words to describe the screams that emitted from my daughter.  I kneeled beside her at the head of the table while tears streamed down both of our faces.  All I could do was stroke her hair and hold her hand, hoping she could hear my whispered words as I tried to soothe her.

Over and over she wailed, "please stop hurting me, please stop hurting me!" But she never moved... never flinched, never squirmed.  She just laid there as the doctor gave her multiple shots to numb the area and then cut the infection out.

All I could think was, "she goes through so much... why this too?  Why does diabetes have to cause her so much pain?" And once again, I was blown away at just how brave she was.  Even the doctor was amazed.

Yes, she IS brave... takes almost everything in stride, and today we were back at the doctor to make sure all was okay.  Any other kid would be screaming the moment we entered the parking lot, and certainly wouldn't let the doctor touch them again.  Elise did it all, with a smile on her face... because she isn't like any other kid.  And that's awesome, but...

It's also why diabetes sucks today.


  1. I have tears in my eye just reading this post. Elise is my hero. And both of you are so much braver than I could ever hope to be!!

  2. I was crying so hard I could barely finish reading it! I am so very sorry! Diabetes sucks, but our kids are the most amazing.

  3. Tears flowing here too. Not only from my eyes but from my Momma heart. Elise, you have set such a beautiful example for those who have to follow in your "d" footsteps. Sending many hugs your way from Ohio. xoxo

  4. oh, sweet girl...that just stinks. She is definitely one tough cookie. I hope it heals quickly and she doesn't have to deal with this ever again.

  5. Big old sad face here! :( I am so so SO sorry. are so brave. Mama.... you are a rock star and a hero.

  6. A big, big hug for such a brave young lady. And for mom, too.

  7. So sorry, sweet girl...and Mama. Crying for you here , too.

  8. I am so sorry your sweet girl had to go through that. Makes me cry too. Praying it heals and she never has to go through this again. Stupid diabetes!

  9. Oh poor Elise and poor you...what a craptastic experience. :(

  10. I'm sorry that Elise had to go through that. What a brave little girl!

  11. I'm so sorry Elise and you had to go through that. Very traumatic and if the doctor had given you more information as to how traumatic you may have gone to the hospital. When docs use the word "uncomfortable" that means pain so if they use the word "hurt" that means excruciating pain. Elise is so brave. You must be so proud of her. Not too many kids would cooperate and certainly you would be pulling them kicking and screaming for their next appointment. Heck, you would have to pull me kicking and screaming and I'm an adult. Hope Mom and daughter enjoyed a special treat later on. Bravery should be rewarded.

  12. Oh man, that poor little angel. I'm so sorry you guys had to go through all of that.

  13. Poor Elise! Brought tears to my eyes. So sorry she had to go through that. She is amazing!

  14. tears here too. Elise takes the prize for bravery and going back smiling afterward.

  15. Oh hell to the no- this seriously did not happen to you too!?!
    Joanne, I am so sorry you had to watch your sweetie go through that.
    We recently had a lump that was infected. No kidding, it was the size of a golf ball and since his doctor suspected staff or strep, and because it was so huge, she sent us to the surgeon. And because of Type 1, the surgeon admitted us...for the night...on the endo floor. That can only spell one kind of disaster- power struggle. They gave us the option of going off the pump and onto shots during our stay, or going off our pump and onto the hospital issued pump (which by the way, no one knows how to use). We were mad we ever let them admit us. The whole night was a disaster with them thinking they knew how to treat our diabetes.
    So I suppose I can take comfort in knowing that Robby didn't have so suffer and experience the whole thing awake, and you can take comfort in knowing that you didn't have to surrender all D care to some nurse at the hospital who can't count carbs without a calculator.
    I'm sorry your darling Elise had to go through that. Reading the story just broke my heart! She is brave and so are you!!!
    Carry on, brave D Mamma!

  16. We need a cure for diabetes


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