Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All you need is gum... and a whole bunch of love

The other day we had a particularly bad CGM insertion.  Elise flinched as I pressed in the plunger, and then started to cry.  Something that is unheard of around here.

Upon closer inspection, I found out why... a small dot of red began to bloom.  Then seep,  And drip.

Aw, crap.

We removed it ASAP and I gave up on any chance of her wanting another one any time soon. We've been having some problem areas and I've been depending on the CGM to help us pinpoint exactly what is going on.

I came downstairs after nursing Lucas when Elise ran up to me and said, "I'm ready to try again!"

So we did... this time it went just fine.  I looked at Elise and told her that I was so proud and amazed by her bravery.

She hugged me and said, "Oh thank you Mama!  All you really need is some gum.  And a whole bunch of love.  Thank you for giving me both."

Swoon... I love that girl.

*we always give her gum to chew during pod changes and CGM insertions.  She swears it takes away the pain.


  1. We just had our pre-pump class today. Please tell Elise that I will definitley give Andrew some gum when he gets his 1st insertion. Thanks Elise!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a trooper!

    I've had similar experiences. Every once in a while those suckers hurt bad. Thankfully, most of them are comfortable and pretty painless.

    Please give her a huge *high-five* from me. :-)

  3. What a brave girl! I'm impressed :) I'll pass the gum suggestion along to my little patients -- thank you both for the tip!

  4. I had one that hurt today but I pushed it on in, and luckily had no bleeding.
    Sometimes it's easy-peasy, sometimes it really, really hurts.
    Hugs for Elise and you!

  5. Who knew that gum could be a pain reliever! She sure is growing into one beautiful girl with a great big heart...just like her Momma! xoxo

  6. Oh, so sweet :). Haven't experienced a painful one yet in the almost 6 months of use. I guess our turn's probably coming up for that. I'll keep the gum in my bag of tricks !

  7. I hate those bleeding sites, they freak me out, although I know they're really no worse than the rest, it's just alarming to see all that blood over one poke.
    Gum to the rescue! And love, too - she is so cute and brave :)

  8. Huh - Gum. Who woulda thunk. Now the love - well you certainly aren't short of that.
    Beautiful little child you have. So brave, so strong, so absolutely wonderful.


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