Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Things Diabetes has taught me this month... May edition

-Nothing can cause me to spew expletives like an alarming pod/PDM.  Especially when it happens at bedtime. And because of a malfunctioning PDM that we were given the wrong information about. A few weeks ago, our PDM went crazy when I tired to set a temp basal.  When I called OP, I was told it was because the batteries were too low. I had one bar left, and I knew I had set a temp basal with the battery flashing before, but whatever. Because the PDM went crazy, I had to also replace the pod.

Fast forward a week and it's bedtime.  I need to set a temp basal again.  What I didn't notice is that the battery was again low, and of course, the PDM started howling at me.  Fred walked in as I was about to hurl it at the wall.  I smiled politely at Elise, then stomped downstairs to collect all the pod change necessities, hissing the f-word through my teeth as I tried to keep my head from exploding.  I was coo-coo-for-cocoa-puffs angry, mostly because I HAD JUST PUT A POD ON THAT DAY. When I called OP again about the problem, I was told the PDM should not do that.  I love getting two different answers to the same question. We ended ed up getting the PDM replaced. Le sigh.

-Because of this, I now know how to reset a PDM... yay me!

-Sometimes it feels like diabetes was easier when Elise was younger. Because these days she notices everything that diabetes affects and it makes her so sad. From not getting to eat when she's high, to getting a much smaller piece of cake at a birthday party (something I only noticed after she had been served). She has really been battling the diabetes blues this past month, and it's killing me. The cake thing happened at a birthday party.  Mattias was sitting right next to her and his piece was almost twice the size.  Elise kept looking back and forth between their plates.  Later she asked me if it was because of her diabetes. Obviously I lied and told her no.



  1. Easier when they are little in many ways, yet, harder too. UGH! I feel the same right now with Maddi....almost 13 and let me tell ya, it SUCKS when you aren't the carb counter anymore and your kid is home alone with D (and her big sister)all Summer!

    Im not liking the pod so much these days btw! Those alarms drive me BONKERS!! MM had such a nice, less annoying sound. Haha

  2. UGH!! The cake thing would make me mad. I agree that the older they get, the more they notice. There is even a difference between age 7 and 12. Sad and heartbreaking.

  3. Sigh...
    The small piece of cake bugs me, too. And I cut the piece! It's annoying.
    Tell her that her picture is still on my fridge and I love telling anyone who asks about it, all about my young friend.

  4. I too have hissed some choice words through my teeth! Darn cake cutters...sending many big hugs Elise's way! xoxo

  5. Tell your cutie that when you guys are around I'll bake her her very own cake and we'll set a prebolus that will rock the socks off those carbs...or we'll just bounce it all away on our trampoline!
    We just went to a bday party on Sunday and EVERY time the mother served something she said, "can he have this?" I know she was being polite, but really?! Even if he couldn't I think she would know that I would come to a party prepared...ugh! Another mother there whose son is allergic to corn, peanuts, eggs, and wheat saw the look on my face and later pulled me aside to tell me how she got it. So, at least somebody there did!
    Sorry about the craptastic pod/pdm episodes. I'd be incredibly frustrated, too. A glass of wine would be my remedy after a night like that!
    Hope your June goes swell and d doesn't teach you too much!
    Oh, how is your Kindergarten prep going?

  6. We have never had issues setting a temp basal with a low battery, but we had our first PDM failure a couple of weeks ago. Of course, it happened on a Saturday so Emerson had to get injections until our new PDM arrived on Monday. She was cool with it, but I hated every minute of it.

  7. Ughhh. We have never used the pod. You don't have to change the site when you have a battery change on the other pumps. I couldn't live without the insulin on board feature, but I think Omni fixed that. Does the PDM warn you of how much time is left on the battery so you can gauge it before site change? Minimed has those little bars. When it gets down to one, we can change it. Very handy visual, right on the pump face so you can't lose track of it.


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