Monday, June 17, 2013

Rock, meet hard place

Have you heard the big news?  Omnipod has started transitioning existing customers to the new pod.

I mean, apparently.  I have heard such stirrings in the DOC, but like the mythical Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot, I haven't seen it with mine own eyes.

I have made several calls to everyone I can think of, trying to find out when Elise's turn is.  You see, we are running out of pods, and I'll be damned if I'm going to order another shipment of the old ones.

I've been told that our turn will come when it's time for our next automatic reorder.  And that's where we fall through the cracks.  For some reason, the company we order from can't seem to get us on auto-ship. No biggie... before now, I'd just make a note on my calendar and order when our time came.

We had enough pods to skip an order, so I did just that.  Worried that we'd be forgotten, I put calls in to OP, and our supplier; only to get the run-around that is leaving me exhausted.

According to our supplier, they will not ship out the new pods until OP has sent us an email and the new PDM with instructions for training.  And according to OP, they won't send the PDM until we get our new shipment of pods from the supplier.  Calls back and forth to each company, gave me no resolution, and although I love making numerous phone calls a day in between the laundry, cleaning, butt wiping, meal preparing, diaper changing, nursing, baby food making, bathing, dressing, refereeing, bill paying crap (not to mention diabetes related care); it was getting ridiculous.

It was a very frustrating case of "Chicken or the Egg".  And last week, finally, I had enough.

I called our supplier and told them that I would not be hanging up until someone there would send me a shipment of the new pods, thankyouverymuch.

After pleading my case, finally I was rewarded with a yes!  YES!

Of course our prescription had expired, and they needed new paperwork from our insurance... but all that has now been taken care of and apparently the pods are in the mail.

But... like everything on this journey to the new pods, I'll believe it when I see it.


  1. Sounds like you are finally getting somewhere. I hope that they really are in the mail.

  2. Fingers crossed that Big Foot knocks at your door to deliver your box of new pods! xoxo

  3. yeah! A yes and new pods on the odd sort of christmas feeling for sure :)

  4. Classic case of "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" Or in this case, an annoyed busy mother gets the pods :)
    I'm all for pulling out the bitch'tude to get what is rightfully mine so kudos!

  5. Can I ask who your supplyer is? We are in the same boat and wondering if I should do the "matter-a-fact" ship them to me or else move too?!

    1. I'd rather not publicly say, but if you email me through the contact me link on my profile, I'll gladly tell you!

  6. I want new pods too! Can't wait to see Elise with a smaller pod. When you say supplier, what do you mean? I've always ordered them directly from Omnipod, I had no idea there was any other way. In a seperate question, are you charged for pods through insurance as RX or Medical. Mine are Medical since i guess they are durable medical equipment. Blah!


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