Monday, February 3, 2014

Diabetes Art Day Part Deux

It turns out Elise wanted to take part in Art Day.  I should have known, the girl is all about her projects.  She called this, "I Can Do This" (secondary title: Diabetes stinks, so I wanted to create something to make you smile).

I'm not sure all of what is going on here... I can tell you she made this while coming up from a stubborn low.  The writing says, "Pods are better than shots".  And "There is trash in here but you can't see it" (I think).  

Elise enjoyed herself so much that she told me I'd better start saving for her project for next year!


  1. Love this! Her creativity and passion shines through in everything she does. xoxo

  2. Love!! Excellent composition and balance, and a lovely variety of colors. Nice work Elise!

  3. Diabetes does stink sometimes, but this did make me smile. Great job,Elise!!


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