Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Diabetic Dab'll do ya!

Sometimes I feel like Lady MacBeth muttering, "Out, damn spot!" when I see my daughter's laundry.

Spots of blood on her linens.

Dots on her pillowcase.

And lately, smears on her pants.  My daughter has decided that it's acceptable to wipe the blood from a BG check on her pants.

There are so many times we find ourselves without something to wipe her finger with, so I understand why she's using her clothes as a substitute.  I just wish she wouldn't.

Enter Diabetic Dabs.

Created by Liz Sacco when her oldest of four boys was diagnosed with Type 1, Diabetic Dabs were born after two years of searching for a solution of what to do with excess blood from finger pokes. What resulted was a simple, inexpensive and convenient way to keep the clothing of T1s spot free!

I was recently given a chance to try out Diabetic Dabs, AND host a fun giveaway.  Woo hoo!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I received them, but was pleasantly surprised by the softness of the dabs.  And that they were holey (that is; full of holes.  Not consecrated to God or a religious purpose).  They feel a bit like the hypafix tape we use to secure pods and dexcom sensors.  They're very absorbent, non-toxic, and easy to tear off and throw away.
Obligatory size comparison
Now, we may or may not have used the same sheet for more than one finger poke.  Because I'm frugal like that.  If I had my way, each pack of dabs would come with a little piece of cardboard that would sit behind the sheet in use, so the blood doesn't seep through to the next one (sort of like of like how you use that plastic flap in your duplicate chequebook).  

But I understand that this is not how the dabs were meant to be used, so it's not a big deal. I do wish that they were a bit smaller, because I feel a bit wasteful in throwing away such a big square with a tiny blood spot on it.  Just my two cents. 

The dabs come in a pack of 50 (4 packs to a box), and have an adhesive backing so you can stick them in your meter case and always have them with you.
My daughter case with dabs affixed.
Each box has 200 dabs and is $9.49 (shipping included), and can be purchased through their website.  The price goes down the more you buy.  It might sound a bit pricey, but if you add up the cost of using kleenex, paper towels, and clothes ruined from blood spots, and multiply that by the grossness factor of wiping your fingers on unsanitary surfaces like your meter case, then it's a pretty good deal.

Plus, don't forget you're supporting one of our own, as well as the best cause ever!  Diabetic Dabs donates a portion of the proceeds from their sales to Diabetes research.

I love it when a member of our community is able to create something to fill a need we have.  

So... onto the giveaway.  I have two boxes, which means there will be two winners.  To enter, just leave a comment telling me the grossest place you (or your child) has ever wiped their finger after a BG check.  I will randomly (read: have my child pull two numbers out of a hat) pick the winners on Monday.

Good luck, and happy wiping!

Random, but cute shot of my little man trying to destroy the vacuum.
He's the reason I never have time to write anymore.

I was provided samples of Diabetic Dabs as well as two extra packs to give away, but all opinions are my own. Free stuff is great, but nobody tells me what to say!


  1. I keep little pieces of torn-up paper towel in her case. Can't think of a gross place--if she's ever not had the paper towel pieces due to mom's forgetfulness or the need to check way more BSs than planned, she'll wipe it on the wrapper of an alcohol swab. (I know not SUPPOSED to use alcohol--but sometimes one might be in a place where water is not available and one simply might have recently eaten somethIng..maybe for a low..and possibly have something on the fingers that would affect the BS reading. --so that's when we use the alcohol:) So--there ya go. Would love to try the Dabs and test the convenience factor!!

  2. Who would want to sit at a computer when you have a cutie like him to play with? What a face!

  3. The grossest place- on her own hands. She just smears it until you can't see it :)

  4. I, like Julie mentioned, always just rub my fingers together until the blood just disapears. My hands are so calloused anyway, I don't have much extra blood once the test strip sucks it up. :)

  5. I think they are a great idea. Looks like they are less bulky then the gauze squares I carry around. My daughter prefers her clothes best :) lots of spots. What can you do.

  6. I'm a rubber too. I feel like being a licker would be the cleanest option, but I can't bear it. Dabs sound nice! Jacquie described them as little square maxipads.


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