Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reading, Writing, and Advocating

I've told Fred several times since the beginning of school, that I would probably fail Kindergarten if I took it now.  Gone are the days of naps, snacks and learning not to eat glue.  One time Elise came home with a project that she had to collect different types of leaves, group them, and then write comparative sentences about the leaves.  

Whatever happened to finger painting?

Anyway, her latest project was to make a paper doll out of an inventor, complete with a 3-D version of their invention in the doll's hand.

There were examples for her to choose from, or she could come up with one on her own.  She didn't care for any of the choices, So I asked her what was something in her life that was importnant to her.  Her first answer was, "family"  (awwwwwwww).

We talked some more and then her whole face lit up.  "I know Mama... INSULIN!  That is SO important to me! Can I make a doll of that doctor guy from Canada who invented insulin?" (swooooon)

So let me introduce to you Elise's Dr. Banting doll... complete with Humalog in his hot little hand.

This is one project that will make it into her keepsake bin.


  1. This is just perfection...Elise you nailed this project! So much is expected in Kindergarten now...I am with you bring back snacktime and finger painting these kiddos don't need to grow up so fast! xoxo

  2. I <3 this! I hope she gets 100% and then gets to educate her class and hopefully school on T1 Diabetes. Such a creative little one you have! :)

  3. This is really, really nice!

  4. Love ... Love ... Love the paper doll! Love Dr Banting! Love Insulin!

  5. The best paper doll I've ever seen!

  6. Great story... Great D-Art...

    Dr. Banting is even wearing blue!

    Love this post!


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