Monday, March 3, 2014

Things diabetes taught me this month... February edition

I didn't do one of these last month.  For the reason why, just read my last post.  I hate when it happens, just apparently not enough to make a half-assed attempt.

-For some reason the DOC seems kind of empty lately.  It's especially void of D-Mamas. I guess I just miss the early days of blogging when there was so many of us out there, and so much support.  But it's nice to see people are still reading (and nominating).  I saw that  for the month of January I won Best of the Betes for "Best story of a D-mistake" on Unexpected Blues.  Thanks Heather!  And I also just saw that I was nominated for February.  Thanks to those who take the time to send in my name... it really means a lot.

-An electric shock will skyrocket a BG. Just ask Elise. She was cruising along in the 130s with a flat arrow when she decided she was going to help me out by unplugging the vacuum.  I guess she touched the metal prongs as it was half pulled out... poor little girl, it hurt her pretty badly.  Next thing I know, the dex is buzzing with a 159, double arrows up.  Adrenaline much?

-Sometime diabetes can be such a shit-disturber.  Or as my friend Jess put it, "If diabetes had a face, it would be an arrogant smirky asshole face.  Like a young Kurt Russel or maybe that jerky blonde Cobra Kai kid from the Karate Kid" (oh Jess... I miss you).  For the past two weeks, Elise has been high.  All. The. Time.  I am not a big fan of changing basals.  I hate it.  Like, really, really, gouge-my-eyes-out, while listening to the Christmas Shoes song sung by Alvin and the Chipmunks hate.  I mean, I will change them, but I usually run temp basals to see if it's going to eventually swing back the other way, or if her settings really do need changing.  So for two weeks, I ran temp basals.  Tweaked them so I could figure out what the permanent change should be.  I finally took the plunge and we had one good day.  Then she was LOW ALL STINKING DAY for the next three.

I bet you're wondering if I changed them back.  The answer to that is no.  I ran negative temp basals and eventually things normalized.  Wax on.  Wax off. (I wanted to add an expletive here, but I think I've sworn enough in this post).


  1. I do miss hearing from all the D-mommas and D-papas. Where is everyone?!

    Congrats on the nominations. :D

  2. What the frick frack is up with Feb, Isaac has more 400's than I have ever seen in all of his d life and we increased all basals, some budging, increased his bolus 1:C ratio and number bliss for a few days followed by craptastic lows. OYE! I am ready for a vacation, nothing exciting, sleeping in, silent reading, maybe knitting and a hot cup of tea. Want to join me?

  3. Oh poor Elise! My Hannah shocked herself once when she stuck a penny in the outlet. YIKES!

    I think all the D Mommas have likely blogged all their is to blog, I mean, as far as how we feel. I can say 8 years in to this Diabetes joke that some days I want to write a new blog post, then I realize I've already been there and done that. Same feelings, different days. Years later, the feelings never change. At a loss of words I think. -Sigh-

  4. I was in denial, but I literally JUST changed some of Justin's 5 min ago... weeks of night time highs and daytime lows. Fingers are crossed and I think its going to be a long night.

    P.S. if you dont hear from me... it means I was chasing lows all night and it pushed me off the edge.

  5. Those darn electric shocks are the worst! We have been High lately here too...I blame it as well as everything else on this frigid Winter weather that won't go away. I miss hearing from those blogs I use to read too...glad I still have you though! xoxo


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