Thursday, April 10, 2014

A walk back in time

This is Lucas and I out for a walk.  We take a lot of walks together in the mornings when the other two are in school.  And it always brings back memories of when Elise and I would take similar strolls through the hood; just the two of us.  Siblings had not yet entered the picture.

Elise at 14 months

One day as we had rounded a corner, we happened upon a fire truck.  Elise was probably only 14 months and had only been diagnosed two months previous.  I thought she would love to look at the shiny truck and see the firemen (it wasn't an emergency, a fire captain used to live in our neighbourhood).  

She was taking it all in when a funny look came over her face.  All the blood drained out and she started to scream.  That bone-chilling cry that only the Mom of a T1 baby knows.  And my heart almost stopped because I realized I had left all of her stuff at home.

I scooped all 18 pounds of her up and sprinted to my house.... about 20 houses away. I quickly checked her and a 52 popped up (funny how after 5 years I can still remember these details). 

I never forgot her bag on our walks after that (funny how I didn't even think about the firemen).

These days, our walks are a whole lot lighter.  Even now, I still have moments of panic when I realize I'm not carrying a meter. Even though I don't have to.

Taking a stroll with my little man
No matter what, diabetes is always there.


  1. Isn't that weird, those moments that sneak up on you and remind you...I have those moments with meals, when I am sizing up the carbs on Ethan's plate and suddently it dawns on me, wait, I don't need to count those carbs, too. And your little walking companion is simply adorable :)

  2. I too remember all those scary lows we have had over the almost 4 years. You certainly have had some cute walking partners over the years! xoxo


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